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#Unvaccinated_Rights: Social Media Users in Qatar Discussions-Doha News

In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed vaccine hesitation as one of the world’s most serious global health threats.

Online discussions about the Covid-19 vaccine have resurfaced on Twitter among Qatari residents. This time, under the hashtag #Unvaccinated_Peoples_Rights, it jumped to the top of domestic trending topics.

Hashtags came when people protested the introduction of new restrictions aimed at curbing the latest waves of coronavirus.

Under the new health guidelines, those who have received a booster shot, have received a second dose, or have recovered from the virus within the last 12 months can enjoy significant benefits such as entering a shopping center.

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Ministry of Health [MoPH] Rather than forcing the public to booster shots, some of the people participating in the latest online debate are protesting the Qatari authorities’ decision to “impose” vaccines on the public.

“I officially object to imposing vaccinations of all kinds and using malicious methods against citizens at MoPH and the Crisis Management Committee. Also, vaccinations of children. I refuse to do anything or prevent children from entering public places accompanied by my parents. Do not force international lawsuits. “

One user said: Their parents. Do not force international proceedings. “

“We run the risk of crying tomorrow if we stand together today and refuse this play or lose access to money and property because we haven’t been vaccinated. And say it’s impossible. Don’t, because we all thought it was impossible to reach this current state.

Another said: And don’t say it’s impossible. We all thought it was impossible to reach this current state. “

Many of the protests also focus on future updates to the local health monitoring track and tracing app Ehteraz.

After February 1, those who received a second vaccination more than 9 months ago will no longer be considered fully vaccinated and will lose their Gold Frame (immune) status at Ehteraz.

Those who receive a booster shot will maintain Gold Frame status for an additional 9 months.

“As long as Ehteraz is green, we cannot deny that people fully enjoy constitutional and human rights. This is no longer justified after the vaccine fails to spread the Omicron variant. Hmm, and I’m one of them [who got infected].. “We must adapt to the coronavirus and should not be in a large prison that harms our economy and society.”

In another tweet, a prominent Qatari journalist Abdullah al asuba Said: “As long as they are Ehteraz, it is unacceptable to deny that people fully enjoy their constitution and human rights. [health monitoring app] Green’s. “

A prominent person in Qatar states that not being vaccinated is no longer a valid reason, given that “it was not possible to stop the spread of the Omicron subspecies.”

“We must adapt to the coronavirus and should not be in a large prison that is harmful to our economy and society,” Al Asba added.

“If the vaccine had been effective, we wouldn’t have seen this amazing number of cases. Thank God, we are in good health, this is how we are punished. My Ehteraz is green and takes a weekly test. What else do I need to do? I haven’t shot a single shot until this day and I’m vaccinated both compulsorily and voluntarily It won’t happen. “

Twitter users who are also questioning the effectiveness of the vaccine said: Thank God, we are in good health, how is this punished? My Ehteraz is green and I take a weekly test. What else do I need to do? I haven’t shot a single shot until this day, and I wouldn’t be vaccinated either compulsorily or voluntarily. “

Scientific evidence and vaccine hesitation

Similar online discussions May last year Under the hashtag #YourVaccineYourChoice, social media users discussed whether vaccination with the Covid-19 vaccine in Qatar is a mandatory or personal choice.

Vaccine Hesitation: Why “Anti-Vaccines” Refuse to Vaccine Covid-19

At the time, some of the people who received the necessary jabs were still infected with the coronavirus, so people were also questioning the effectiveness of the vaccine.

As seen by Twitter users in recent and previous discussions, many who have expressed concerns about vaccines do not come from a medical background, making statements that are completely inconsistent with the findings of health professionals around the world. I came to do it.

A global health study, including a study conducted here in Qatar, found that both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were effective in preventing the serious symptoms of Covid-19 infection.

More recently, Dr. Abdullatif Arkal, chair of the National Health Strategy Group on Covid-19 and responsible for infectious diseases at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), has uncovered vaccine-related myths.

On Tuesday, Qatar’s major health authorities said local and global clinical studies had booster doses of about. 75% protection For mild to moderate infections.

Dr. Al Khal added that the vaccine provides more than 90% protection against severe infections or deaths. This is reflected in the latest daily hospitalizations, despite the recent surge in cases.

“Almost all patients admitted to the intensive care unit have not been vaccinated or have been vaccinated for the second time more than 6 months ago. Most of the booster-effects have been admitted to the ICU. It’s worth noting that it wasn’t, “said Dr. Al Khal.

Health officials emphasized that booster shots significantly boost immunity against all Covid-19 mutants, including Omicron, and urged eligible populations to obtain booster shots.

Dr. Al Cal commented on the side effects of the third dose, stating that a limited number of more than 368,000 people who received the shot reported moderate side effects such as low-grade fever and mild headaches.

Vaccine controversy It’s been a problem all over the world since jabs became a way to protect yourself from illness, but it’s been getting more and more attention since the beginning of last year’s pandemic.

2019, World Health Organization (WHO) Vaccine controversy is listed as one of the most serious global health threats in the world.

A Cross-sectional online survey in Qatar We investigated adult attitudes towards the Covid-19 vaccine, led by HMC researchers from October 15th to November 15th, 2020.

More than 7,800 adults participated in the study, 20% hesitated to vaccinate, and another 20% did not decide whether to vaccinate.

The study also found that 53.8% of participants expressed concern about vaccine safety, Covid-19 was a relatively new disease at the time, and 47.9% expressed concern about long-term safety. I did.

In addition, 92.1% of survey respondents said they believe that natural exposure to illness provides the safest protection against illness.

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