Unveiling North Korea’s ‘Ocean Network’

File photo: North Korea’s Arirang 151 smartphone. (Daily NK)

The Daily NK recently learned that there is a private network in North Korea called ‘Taiyang Network’.

An ocean network is an internal modem system that allows access to specific agencies or registered units and individuals. [the network] Download or read the material,” a North Korean source told Daily NK on Tuesday.

“This is a separate system from Mirae, our indoor-outdoor wireless Internet service network,” he said.

According to sources, the Information Technology Department of the State Affairs Commission is responsible for the development of the Daeyang, while the Daeyang Technology Operations Department of the Ministry of Information Industry’s Pyongyang Information Technology Bureau runs day-to-day operations.

The Mirae wireless network grants access to users using specific subscription applications. Daeyang also seems to grant access through special subscription procedures and verification methods.

Sources told Daily NK that to access the Daeyang network, a SIM card must be purchased and registered before identity can be verified. You must enter the password you created.

“It differs from existing state intranets in that it has limited boundaries and scope and allows users to access specific data in specific regions,” he said.

This means that users can access Taiyo only by going through a few authentication procedures, such as entering personal information and registering a SIM card. This suggests that North Korean authorities are very careful in verifying users’ identities.

Sources say access to the institution is granted to verified workplaces with permission granted. Individuals in positions of responsibility can also access the network.

“Some people are even allowed one-time authentication to the network,” he said.

He also explained that users can access large amounts of data in various formats on the Daeyang network.

The network includes academic papers, essays, lecture materials, photo pages from laboratories and centers attached to Pyongyang universities, Rodong shimbun and film sites (through a service called “Life’s Friend”), foreign comics. The page that posted is registered. Books and recently released movies.

“Networks allow us to store and view large amounts of material,” said the source, adding g.Groups and organizations typically download materials, while individuals use the Life’s Friend page to purchase movies.

However, the general public reportedly makes little use of the Taiyo network. Locations are still little or not accessible at all.

“It is not easy to access the network in many districts of Pyongyang,” said the source. “The only accessible area in the city is the Jung-gu area, where the base station of the Pyongyang Information Technology Bureau’s Daeyang Technology Operation Department is located.”

However, sources said the authorities are planning to expand the service and will build more base stations, mainly in big cities, so that people living in or around Pyongyang can use the network.

However, given that the intranet infrastructure is already in place for North Korea’s existing national network, it remains unclear why additional equipment would be required to support the Daeyang network.

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