UoM’s ICT Faculty Announces the Launch of a Book on the Importance of STEM Subjects

The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at the University of Malta has published a book on the theme of ‘Education, Research and Collaboration’. 2022.

This year’s edition includes projects that fall into many areas of ICT, It includes voice and language technology, blockchain and fintech, scientific data, digital health, internet, and software and application engineering.

Emphasis on publicationssGrowing interest in STEM subjects such as mathematics, engineering, technology and science is important, and together they create new opportunities.. ICT is considered an essential tool in the course of research.

In addition, through ICT, New methods can be developed that can be used during research.this leads to all research done in more organisEdited, Accurate, Consistent manners to lead Duration of the final result process be able to shorter.

In the introduction of this book, Keith Azopardi Tanti Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation, Emphasizing the importance of ICT in research and developmentIt is a tool that assists researchers in their research by making information and statistics more accessible and by acting as a means for researchers to share their research with other researchers.

“I know that in demand continue to strengthenis doing Involvement of STEM subjectsst our studentThis is done for the following purposes: Teach current and future generations to acquire skills finished Critical thinking that leads them to a passion for the field of innovation. right Look back at our economic growth,” Azzopardi Tanti Said.

On the other hand, DDean ICT said at the University of Malta That “tThe purpose of this year’s publication is to showcase a wide range of research areas within the Faculty and to expose the valuable work of our students.. We recommend reading this publication for inspiration

on his part, tConrad Attard Publications editor and coordinator, Added That “tHe decided to publish his year focusing on the importance of teaching and communicating STEM subjects. Because STEM subjects are key to all areas of our life experience. ”

This year’s publication also includes a selection of research output by graduate students. These are evidence of the professional work done within the faculties of the University of Malta.

For more information on the publication 1 can visit The following websites: UoM’s ICT Faculty Announces the Launch of a Book on the Importance of STEM Subjects

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