Up to 11,000 women with addiction problems endure domestic violence

At least 11,000 women suffering from addiction have also experienced domestic violence, and a report released today found that nearly 50,000 have endured these at some point in their lives at the same time. I am.

Can you be entitled with a clear view? : Rapid review of international literature and national estimation of prevalence of women experiencing domestic violence using substances IrelandIt is the first study of its kind done in the state.

A report published by the Davina (domestic violence is never acceptable) project, which is part of Saol, a women-only addiction support service in central Dublin, states that these women are primarily “eyes.” It doesn’t look like, and their needs are unknown. “

Many women have stated that they are “suffering from multiple traumas, whether childhood or adult, as a result of domestic violence,” and are “vulnerable to adult re-sacrifice and substance use.” There is. “

“They are forced to experience a secret duality to protect themselves and their children,” he says, because he feels shame and stigma on both issues. Barriers to seeking treatment include fear of losing custody of children, feeling judged by an expert, and being unable to engage for a dominant partner.

The project was founded in June last year in response to the “depth” of abuse and compulsory control that Saor-backed women endured at home during the blockade, said service manager Radin Dunn. ..

“We were out to see how they were tackling their addiction. Domestic violence was just such a keen focus. The only way men can get us to visit is , If we brought food. She didn’t have a phone, so I had to call him in advance, “she said.

“At one point we were very naive. He didn’t answer, but he said he would stop by anyway. When we arrived, he came down, blinded, and went out to us. I told him to go .. .. She came down and stood physically between him and us.

“We continued these experiences, and we couldn’t know it. Hiding behind the curtain and looking at the woman through the window .. She was our client Even so, my husband will come down and collect food. “

When the woman attended the pre-pandemic Saol, the staff said: But suddenly we saw them in their house and were frightened. “ Up to 11,000 women with addiction problems endure domestic violence

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