Update (2): Joseph Muscat has been appointed president of the Football Club Association, even if half avoid him.

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has been appointed president of an association representing Malta’s professional football clubs, even though half of the presidents of Malta’s professional football clubs did not vote for him.

The news confirmed in a statement Thursday by the Malta Professional Football Club Association that Muscat has been appointed to the post.

However, seven of the 14 association members in favor of the former Prime Minister who resigned from the country’s highest role in 2019 in the shadow of street protests caused by the arrest of an individual near him in the murder of Daphne. Only people in Kahlua Galicia, for the post.

The statement confirmed reports that three more clubs abstained, while another four clubs voted against Muscat’s appointment.

The vote was held in secret, but all clubs acknowledged that Muscat was successful enough to be appointed president.

The changes implemented by MPFCA will lead to a more professional and sustainable Premier League, attract more spectators to stadiums and TV screens, increase presence and investment in young players, and increase the number of women demonstrating leadership. Said. Gain positions and make Maltese clubs more competitive at the European level.

“Dr. Muscat will begin to lead the process of this change through discussions with MFA. [Malta Football Association] In the near future. “

Muscat said in a statement on his Facebook page that his role would not be involved in running individual clubs, but would lead the club as a group towards an ambitious yet possible series of reforms. Stated. The best championship of Maltese football.

Muscat outlined the purpose of the project and MPFCA explained in its own statement.

He said this was all part of the MFA’s strategic plan and must be done with the MFA, adding that he believes the reforms will also have a positive impact on the Malta national team.

“At different stages of my life, I always faced skepticism when talking about planning. Here, as I have always done, I also make tireless efforts in this voluntary role. , Speak the work and results as a fact. “

Muscat was the only name proposed for the MPFCA Chair’s post, even if other names were floating in a particular circle while the nomination period was still open.

MPFCA is not a decision-making body for Maltese football, but it represents the interests of professional football clubs in Malta. An organization that represents the interests of clubs participating in the Maltese Premier League.

However, the ultimate goal of the association is to eventually put in place a legal framework so that the country itself can handle the operation of the Premier League in the same way as it does in other countries. Is to do. Update (2): Joseph Muscat has been appointed president of the Football Club Association, even if half avoid him.

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