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Update: HMC denies medical malpractice in newborns-Doha News

Doha News has contacted Hamad Medical Corporation [HMC] After listening to his parents, he asked for comment, but did not respond. HMC issued a statement on Tuesday.

Hamad Medical Corporation has denied the claim by the father of a newborn baby that his daughter suffered brain damage as a result of negligence by staff in the pediatric emergency unit at Hamad Hospital.

During a telephone session on Qatar Radio’s morning show, “My Beloved Country,” the father claimed that the baby’s heart had stopped because of an air-filled IV syringe that the nurse injected into the newborn. He was admitted to an emergency unit due to a high fever.

Doha News I reported the story on Monday, but HMC did not respond to this issue after receiving a request for comment.

However, in response to public protests, the health corporation sent a statement to the show on Tuesday morning to inform the public about their side.

The statement confirmed that the parents took the newborn to the Alsad emergency facility at 2:30 pm on December 27, 2021 due to high fever and loss of appetite.

When she was admitted to the center, the doctor performed all the necessary health checks for the baby “by treatment protocol,” HMC said.

Doctors said her vital signs remained normal until 4:14 pm when the newborn suddenly stopped breathing. According to HMC, doctors took 10 minutes to revive her, but not the previously claimed 22 minutes. However, Hamad Hospital added that it took more 10 minutes for health care workers to restore the baby’s vital signs and stabilize the condition. This can explain the discrepancy between the two accounts.

Hamad Hospital’s “Medical Malpractice” Puts Newborns Between Life and Death

“After inserting the respiratory tract into the trachea, the baby released a large amount of milk, which confirmed that the cause of the sudden respiratory arrest was the occurrence of severe reflux from the esophagus to the trachea. “HMC explained. A statement refutes his father’s claim that it was caused by an air-filled syringe.

“The results of a hospital consultant’s test of the baby’s spinal fluid showed the presence of an inflammation-causing virus,” HMC said in a initial study, commenting on the damage that occurred to the baby’s brain tissue. Brain tissue. “

However, the HMC statement did not mention the discovery of allegations of Sidra medicine that treated the baby after the incident in Al Sadd’s paramedics.

A scan performed by Sidra’s doctor showed damage to the baby’s brain tissue and declared it “not dead or alive.”

Previously, parents investigated the problem with Qatar’s Minister of Health, Dr. Hanan Mohamed al-Kwari, in addition to compensating if the investigation proved that such a fatal error was actually made. According to the medical staff of Al Sadd’s pediatric unit, who asked to work on promoting the baby’s overseas travel. _______________________________________________________________

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