UPDATE: MUT says situation in St. Albert the Great is ‘critical’, university response

The Malta Teachers Union said on Friday that the situation at St Albert the Great College was critical and that there were many pressing issues as the academic year approached. there are many problems.

The school operates without a licence, thanks to a decision taken by the rector and board of directors, the MUT said. This led to an unusual situation. In fact, the Ministry’s Directorate General of Examination and Licensing has flagged this unusual situation.

Maria was fired from his position last month. Through his support of two inclusiveness programs at a church school in Valletta,.

According to the union, the principal is giving the school community a “false” guarantee that the school is ready for the new school year. We are not ready to reopen, but we are several weeks behind schedule.

Many teachers, LSE Senior Management Team (SMT) members and administrative personnel have resigned due to the president’s decision over the past few weeks. The bleeding resulting from the president’s and board’s decisions is unprecedented in any other Maltese school, he said, MUT.

Parents are rightly asking for assurances about the start of the next school year, but it seems all they’re getting is empty promises. MUT has been informed that, in fact, many parents are looking to place their child in other schools. Unfortunately, it is the children who suffer from the decisions of the principal and board. A child attending the school reportedly asked her parents, “Did the teacher quit because of my bad behavior?”

The president hired media personnel to hold meetings with parents to better portray the image and act as a buffer for criticism. He also ordered government officials to give advice on the situation by attending meetings.

Meanwhile, MUT said it was responding to a legal letter sent by the president’s attorneys requesting a termination of the trade dispute and a respective order. Here is her MUT position on trade disputes and directives: The union also renews its allegations of distrust of the president and board of directors and all their affairs, including the presidential election process.

university reply

As a reply, To this day, St. Albert the Great College, despite repeated attempts to contact the MUT in hopes of resolving the trade dispute in the best interest of its students and staff, is disappointed that we have not accepted your request for a meeting.

He further pointed out that the school’s license issue has been going on for over a year.

Attempts to implement the timetable by the Chancellor and even the state government have been underway since mid-August. Unfortunately, this did not bring the desired results for the Union’s instructions and the university.

The university is continuing discussions with MUT to avoid unnecessary pressure on students and staff members. UPDATE: MUT says situation in St. Albert the Great is ‘critical’, university response

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