Update: PN asks Mayor St. Julian’s to come before the Commission to substantiate the allegations

The Nationalist Party has asked St. Julian’s Mayor Albert Butigiag to appear before the party’s Disciplinary Ethics Committee to substantiate his claim and see if an investigation is needed, party spokesman said. Mann told Malta Independent.

In an opinion piece published in the Times of Malta, Butigeg stated that he was not given equal opportunities when compared to other candidates for election.

“Sadly, there was no fair play. The party guru” anointed “many candidates at the expense of others,” he said. He said he had never been invited to hold a press conference or participate in a debate.

He said he looked back on why he was “given a cold shoulder.” In his article, his “fear and suspicion” was confirmed by someone who heard a senior official saying “has a huge commercial and constructive interest in St. Julian’s” and “a fat cat.” Said that. He said the fat cat demanded that party officials silence him. The mayor wrote that party officials had promised to take on obligations.

Butigeg asked many questions in his opinion piece, including whether there was an agreement to silence him.

The mayor has spoken against many developments in St. Julian’s over the years.

The Times of Malta wrote that PN gave the mayor 24 hours to substantiate his claim.

In a letter to the PN Executive Secretary later on Friday, Butigiag wrote: In my article-only the truth frees us-Albert Butigiag ( “

“I agree that the spirit of PN contains an uncompromising will and a moral imperative to uncover the unpleasant truth about unacceptable behavior by those who need to know better. With this in mind, I wrote the truth. I myself, the party whose values ​​drive my day-to-day political activity, and my members are true and others I owe it to prevent me from experiencing what I have experienced, “Butigeg said.

“This is not about me or my” political journey “coming to the end, but about the political class and the well-being of the people beginning to be hijacked by greedy minorities. Let me pay attention to your press statement. “Give us proof,” sounds the same as what Labor says when accused in Threes! “

“Honestly, I can never reveal my name. In doing so, I jeopardize the well-being of my sources. I solemnly do not reveal details that lead to his / her identification. I promised. Data protection law and whistleblower law. Both laws protect the leakage of information sources. “

“Reassure that the source is reliable. If you have to pay more, let me do it. It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your lap. But I’m a party Did not violate any part of the law. If so, please indicate any part of the statute. I asked only appropriate and perhaps offensive questions. If you think it is worth investigating, follow it. It’s up to you as Secretary-General. We encourage you to act proactively. “

“The indisputable thing is that I’m on record by emphasizing that I was on the sidelines before and during the campaign. This is, as Secretary-General, why this happened and this. I believe I should ask what was the reason that led to. The scars of betrayal were badly hurt, but I didn’t resign (and I’m not going to). I’m in the local public interest. I will continue to work for. I have no problem meeting you and discussing further, “Butigeg concludes. ..

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