Update: The director of the Disciplined Forces Academy apologizes for telling PNMP that they should throw eggs.

John Charles Elle, director of Malta’s Disciplined Military Academy, said the PNMP should be covered with eggs and tomatoes after Interior Minister Byron Camilleri has asked authorities to remove social media posts. I apologize for what I said.

“We apologize for the posts we uploaded earlier here,” Ellul wrote.

“If you disagree with everything and give the impression that you don’t have to be respectful and tolerant of each other, I’m sorry. Once again, I apologize,” he wrote.

An apology came after a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said Malta independence Such comments would be “unacceptable.”

In a Facebook post, Ellul, brother of PLMP and Whip Andy Ellul, wrote: Where are the workers? “

NGO Repubblika wrote a letter to Interior Minister Byron Camilleri. In the letter, Repubblika said she felt this behavior unacceptable, especially as she came from someone responsible for training police, soldiers, and other members of the Penal Army, especially in Malta.

“A person trusted by training our trained army cannot act in such a shocking way,” the NGO wrote.

Repubblika has called on Camilleri to “take action” against Ellul, noting that his government does not accept such actions and sees the threat to democracy and freedom as a serious and unacceptable act. Shown.

The letter was signed by President Robert Abela of Repubblika and a copy was sent to Prime Minister Robert Abela.

Malta independence He asked the Home Office if any action would be taken against Elul and what the minister would do with the comments.

“John Elul has already been asked to delete the Facebook post and apologize. It’s very clear that such comments are unacceptable. Minister Camilleri consistently respects others. He insists on the importance of doing, “the spokesman replied.

Ellul worked for the Maltese Police for 25 years and retired as a senior police inspector. He leads the Maltese Police Forensic Institute and has been teaching at the Maltese Police Academy since 1988.

He is also a visiting senior lecturer in the Faculty of Crime at the University of Malta, teaching forensic medicine.

In a statement, PN accused Ellul of “abuseful comments.”

“These comments do not prevent the opposition from continuing to speak for the people of Congress, but this was not accepted.”

PN said Ellul’s actions are not suitable for those who lead training and professional development programs for Disciplined Forces members. Update: The director of the Disciplined Forces Academy apologizes for telling PNMP that they should throw eggs.

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