Updated January 6: Steve Bannon agrees to testify before the Commission

Steve Bannon, a former aide and adviser to former President Donald Trump, has agreed to testify in front of the House Election Commission investigating the January 6 riots at the Capitol. CNN reported..

according to CNBCBanon was scheduled to begin court proceedings next week Indicted on two charges For congressional insults. Banon was charged after refusing to participate in a parliamentary investigation into the incident that took place on January 6, 2021.

Banon’s willingness to participate in the House Select Commission’s investigation changed after receiving a letter from Trump, who relinquished executive privilege. NBC News..

So what exactly is executive privilege? “The executive in question is the President, and privilege is his or her right to personally get honest advice and protect it from Congress and courts.” CNN reported.. “The idea is that the president can protect their aides from the need to share internal communication with Congress when Congress is overseeing, as the Constitution requires.”

In Trump’s letter to Banon, he explained his rationality behind the decision. “I waive executive privilege for you, which allows due process, cross-examination, and real Republican or witness attendance or interviews. It’s a partisan kangaroo court,” Trump wrote. NBC News..

On Sunday, January 6th, Commission member Zoe Lofgren, D-Ca. , I told CNN’s Jake Tapper“We expect him to contact us,” Lofgren also said, “he has many questions,” and Banon is closed due to the length of his testimony record. Said that it is likely that the testimony will be taken. Per Forbes..

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https://www./2022/7/10/23202820/jan-6-hearings-update-steve-bannon-agrees-to-testify-before-house-committee Updated January 6: Steve Bannon agrees to testify before the Commission

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