Upgraded Larnaca Marina to attract the public in mid-September

Larnaca Marina will be open to the public by mid-September as plans for expansion and privatization are well underway.

The devastated marina has been operating as a nearby store for many years and is accessible primarily to boat owners moored there, Fillet News reports.

However, Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd, a consortium of Israel and Cyprus that won the bid in 2020, aims to put an end to this.

In addition to marina upgrades, ambitious projects will strengthen the road network and create infrastructure for residential, commercial, social and cultural uses.

In addition, the € 1.2 billion project for joint redevelopment of the Port of Larnaca and the Marina area is well underway with the project’s master plan expected to be completed in four phases.

At this time, a representative of the operating company said fencing was done to secure the boat around the marina. And the repair of the existing building began.

Projects currently underway include the establishment of a restaurant, an open reception area for hosting events, and a children’s playground.

At the same time, we have opened a roof bar in the Marina Building and are developing a parking lot. Upgraded Larnaca Marina to attract the public in mid-September

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