Uproar in House after opposition asks for time for questions

The House of Representatives was suspended this morning after opposition leader Michael Pintard accused the government of failing to respect parliamentary question time.

When asked about question time, West Grand Bahamas and Bimini MP Obie Wilkcomb, a leader of government affairs in the House of Representatives, told the House that government ministers will answer opposition questions on February 20. rice field.

But Pintard said that wasn’t enough, adding that he was confident there would be question time today.

“We missed many Wednesdays,” he said.

“I don’t know what will happen on the 20th.thWe believe it is inappropriate that we cannot force governments to keep their word. We are not ready to accept what members have to say.

“We are not ready to do that, Madame Speaker. They should honor their word to remain in the House of Commons today.

“Let’s do the civil work. We are not accepting. And the truth is that we keep referring to what the previous administration did and that the Free National Movement (FNM) has new leaders. I We’re here and want you to behave differently.”

Wilchcombe tried to assure the opposition that the government would keep its promises. But Pintado relented.

House Speaker Patricia DeVoe tried to restore order to business, but members continued to shout across the table.

“Members, I’m on my feet.

“…I’m ordering a five-minute shutdown,” she added.

When the House of Commons returned some time later, Pintado repeatedly called on government lawmakers to “answer questions” as opposition lawmakers banged on the table.

This went on for several minutes as house business went on.

After about six minutes, the House was suspended.

Rule 39(1) of the House Regulations outlines the order of proceedings for each session of Parliament.

Rule 39(2) provides that, unless the House decides otherwise, the House of Commons shall proceed on the second Wednesday of each month, taking into account time for questions.

The Minnis government, which was in power from May 10, 2017 to September 16, 2021, never set aside time for questions.

The last Christie administration, in which Wilchcombe joined, also left many unresolved issues on the agenda. Uproar in House after opposition asks for time for questions

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