Urban redevelopment to inject $ 2.6 million.In a home repair program

The newly launched small-scale urban redevelopment home renovation program will inject $ 2.6 million nationwide to repair the homes of the most distressed and “screaming for help” people, social welfare. Urban Development Minister Lisa Raming said yesterday.

“The urgency to do this now is that the hurricane season is approaching,” she said at a press conference at Collins Avenue headquarters in the Urban Renewal.

“Can you imagine what people who lost their jobs are thinking now because they don’t have the money to repair the roof?”

According to Ramming, the Urban Renewal Commission has already received hundreds of applications from residents across the country seeking help in repairing their homes.

Chairman Stephen Dean praised the program and said it was transparent and fair.

“We always work with them (contractors) to make sure the work is done,” said Dean, a former senior police officer.

“This is not the case when you can’t see the work being done for a fee. When Grandma is happy and happy that the work is being done, we come and inspect And you will be paid the full amount when you say it was done.

“There’s a monitor there. I and the team we go out to …”

He added:

“You know my background, I’ll try some of them.”

The applicant needs to prove that he owns the house in question, Dean said. He said a team of inspectors would visit the house and make a decision. He added that the contractor is Bahamian and must have a valid business license and an up-to-date tax compliance certificate.

Dean said the program not only repairs roofs, but also repairs bathrooms, paints and nail polish lawns as needed.

“”[For the] Those in need, we can happily say that relief is in progress, “he said.

Residents of any island can submit an application to any urban renewal office. Urban redevelopment to inject $ 2.6 million.In a home repair program

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