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US calls on Kuwait to end Kafala system – Middle East Monitor

Kuwait yesterday at the U.S. Department of State KafalaThe sponsorship system, noting that the step was “deferred for a long time”.

“It’s time to take steps to improve the condition of Kuwait’s expatriates,” the State Department said. Annual Trafficking Report..

The report praised Kuwait’s “great efforts to eradicate the phenomenon of trafficking” and emphasized that the country “returned to the second category of the watch list because it did not meet the minimum standards.”

“The Government of Kuwait continues to implement the Tamkeen program to increase oversight of foreign worker recruitment and to better protect vulnerable migrants through the worker recruitment process,” the ministry added. .. Please solve the problem. “

Kuwait’s Foreign Workers Sponsorship System requires expatriates to be sponsored by a local employer in order to obtain a work permit and is considered a form of modern-day slavery.

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https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220721-us-calls-on-kuwait-to-end-kafala-system/ US calls on Kuwait to end Kafala system – Middle East Monitor

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