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US “claims” accountability for Abuakure’s murder, Biden tells Abbas-Doha News

American leaders will head to Saudi Arabia for Saturday’s GCC + 3 Summit to meet with world leaders from participating countries.

The United States will support an independent investigation into the killing of Palestinian-American journalist Sirine Abu Acre, President Joe Biden told the press during a visit to the West Bank on Friday.

“The United States also suffered losses, including the murder of Cherine Abu Acre. She is an American citizen, a proud Palestinian, a very important job of independent media and an important job of democracy. Was going, “Biden said.

“The United States will continue to insist on a complete and transparent account of her death and continue to support media freedom around the world,” the President of the United States added.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who stood alongside Biden, repeated the same sentiment and called on Washington to seek clarification from the veteran Al Jazeera journalist murderer.

The statement was issued shortly after the two leaders met as part of a regional tour that began on Wednesday in Tel Aviv.

Palestinian journalists waited for Biden at Bethlehem’s presidential headquarters, wearing a shirt with “Justice of Sirine” and demanding responsibility for the brutal killing of Abu Acre.

Abu Acre’s lifelong colleague Gibara Budeiri and Al Jazeera journalist Nida Ibrahim were seen wearing shirts at a joint press conference. Protesters also stood outside Cheong Wa Dae and demanded justice from Abu Acre.

A well-known journalist was killed by Israeli snipers on May 11 while reporting on Genin’s assault by Israeli occupying forces. Israeli snipers claimed the killings were “unintentional,” but admitted the crime.

UN investigations, as well as investigations by major American media, have also found Israel responsible for the killings. Nonetheless, according to US investigations, the killings are likely to be “unintentional.”

Abu Acre’s family also demanded a meeting with Biden during his trip to Jerusalem, but the US president seemed to avoid this and instead invite them to Washington.

Since announcing his visit to Tel Aviv, the Rights Group has pressured Biden to deal with the killings of Palestinian-American journalists.

Two-state solution

On the other hand, an important topic highlighted at the joint press conference was the two-state solution endorsed by both the US and Palestinian presidents.

Abbas said he was exempt from international law, calling for Israel’s occupation of Palestine and the end of the apartheid state.

“Isn’t it time to end this occupation 74 years after Nakuba, exile, and occupation? … We look forward to efforts to stop the sedentism and pioneer violence by calling for the end of occupation and racism.” Stated. Abbas with Biden.

Abbas also called for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to be removed after being added to Washington’s “terrorists.” 1997 Also, the US Embassy in East Jerusalem has been reopened.

“We make sure we are ready to work with the US Government to achieve peace on the basis of international legitimacy,” Abbas said.

Biden, meanwhile, said Jerusalem was “the center of the national vision of both Palestinians and Israelis,” and emphasized that it should be open to all religions.

“Through this sanctuary filled with so many important places for Muslims, Christians and Jews, we all have to practice our faith freely,” Biden said.

Earlier, the President of the United States visited Augusta Victoria Hospital and promised an additional $ 100 million package to support the hospital in East Jerusalem. Biden said the fund is part of a multi-year initiative to support Palestine’s healthcare services.

Nevertheless, Biden took pride in being a Zionist shortly after landing in the occupied territories. Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who welcomed Biden at the tarmac, described the president as a “great Zionist” and a friend of the occupying nation.

“In fact, you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist,” Biden echoed while standing at Ben Gurion Airport in the occupied city of Lido.

The Biden-Abbas meeting will take place hours before US leaders leave for Jeddah for the GCC + 3 Summit to be held on Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

https://dohanews.co/us-to-insist-on-accountability-in-abu-akleh-killing-biden-tells-abbas/ US “claims” accountability for Abuakure’s murder, Biden tells Abbas-Doha News

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