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US coach admits team needs to improve for World Cup – Doha News

US men after disappointment in match against Saudi Arabia [USMNT] National team manager Greg Berhalter has made it clear that improvements are desperately needed.

Nearly 1,000 fans witnessed a bland match at Spain’s Estadio Nueva Condomina stadium after USMNT tied Saudi Arabia in a 0-0 match.

After the match, Berhalter shared the chilling truth about his team’s readiness two months before the World Cup.

“Not many players in this camp have performed to their normal level, and that’s exactly what it is,” said Berhalter.

“It’s our job to make them feel confident and perform to a normal level. We can listen to centre-backs, full-backs, forwards, whoever they want to hear. We usually do that. I think it was below the level of

The Americans were expected to win the match against Saudi Arabia after losing 2-0 to Japan, but the looming tournament discouraged the fan base from realizing their dreams.

Unlike the women’s team, the USMNT continued to perform poorly in the World Cup after finishing third in the 1930 World Cup.

Unlike other sports, American men do not dominate the football arena, so the trophy case remains relatively empty when it comes to winning.

The USMNT will return to the world pitch on November 21 to face Wales, England and Iran.

All three teams will be tough matches for the Americans, especially as they missed the chance to build confidence before the biggest event of the year.

https://dohanews.co/us-manager-admits-team-needs-to-improve-ahead-of-world-cup/ US coach admits team needs to improve for World Cup – Doha News

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