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US doubles Iran’s claim to sell drone to Russia | Weapons News

Iran has already said it will do nothing to prolong the war in Ukraine, which blames NATO’s enlargement in Europe.

Iran, Tehran – The United States has doubled its allegations that Iran plans to sell “hundreds” of drones to Russia for use in Ukraine the day after Tehran explicitly rejects the allegations.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan reiterated earlier this week that Iran wanted to sell its weapons-enabled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to Moscow.

He published satellite images on the US-based CNN network, which allegedly showed that Russian delegations visited the airfield in central Kashan at least twice last month.

The Russian delegation is said to have been treated in the Shahed-191 and Shahed-129 drone showcases, both of which can carry precision guided missiles.

Sullivan also claimed that Iran was training Russian troops on the use of drones earlier this week, saying it was unclear if the drones had already been sold to Moscow.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdrahian denied the US allegations on a phone call with Ukraine’s Dmytro Kuleba on Friday, saying Iran would do nothing to prolong the fighting.

Amirabdrahian said the allegations were aimed at advancing US political goals shortly before US President Joe Biden began his tour of the Middle East. A united attitude towards Iran Be the main agenda for travel.

“The basic and clear attitude of Islamic republic, which opposes the war and supports the end of the war, is not based on the dual standards of some Western countries,” Amirabdrahian told Kleba. Iran also added that it opposes fighting in Afghanistan, Yemen and Palestine. ..

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Legep Typ Erdogan will arrive in Tehran on Tuesday to hold a trilateral roundtable discussion with Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi to discuss the Syrian crisis.

Leaders are also expected to hold a bilateral meeting, with Putin reportedly meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Hamenei.

Turkey supplied Ukraine with the armed Bayraktar drone that had been used in the war with Russia.

Since the start of the Ukrainian war in February, Iran has stated that it wants to stop the fighting through dialogue, but instead refuses to blame Russia. Condemn NATO enlargement In Europe as the root cause of conflict.

U.S. officials also said Russia in March Turned to China To help support the war in Ukraine. So far, there is no evidence that Chinese weapons are used in Ukraine.

Sullivan also confirmed to reporters in late May that the United States had never seen evidence that China had provided military or financial support for its invasion of Russia.

https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/7/16/us-doubles-down-on-claim-that-iran-wants-to-sell-drones-to-russia US doubles Iran’s claim to sell drone to Russia | Weapons News

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