US Embassy issues security alert to Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara


More security forces were sent to Puerto Vallarta after El Chopa was killed in a shootout last week.

There is a “potential conflict between criminal groups and security forces”

U.S. Embassy Security alert For the citizens of Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara after the increased presence of federal security forces.

Mexican safety Power of the Puerto Vallarta range And the possibility With criminal groups Security forces in the Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara metropolitan areas “read Thursday’s warning.

The warning also applies to Nayarit’s Nuevo Nayarit, but it does not specify the event that triggered the alert in that area.

The warning was issued after a clash between cartel members and government forces in Puerto Vallarta on April 22. Killing a high-level member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), leading to the deployment of 400 soldiers to port cities. Saúl Alejandro N., known as El Chopa, died of a gunshot wound after being arrested in 2020 for the death of Jalisco Governor Aristóteles Sandoval.

Then this week, according to the Pentagon, two off-duty members of the army were kidnapped by members of the CJNG cell before being released Thursday afternoon.

The last alert issued on April 18 instructed the public to: Avoid traveling to Zacatecas For “a fierce turf battle between cartels”.

In the report from El Unibel US Embassy issues security alert to Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara

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