US gun law has blood in its hands

No one believes that the slaughter in Texas schools will be the last, as gun control is invalid in countries where there are more guns than people in the United States and it is harder to get drinks than automatic weapons.

From the outside, it’s hard to understand that when many innocent lives are lost meaninglessly, society clenches its teeth in tragedy and doesn’t want to change the story.

Carrying weapons is a constitutional right in the United States, but why are you worried about tightening gun law when firearms are deadly?

We expect people to pass the test for driving a car to examine their skills and training on potentially dangerous machines.

Alcohol is also considered a public health problem in some states, where teens are denied drinking.

However, there seems to be no desire to introduce more rigorous procedures. Get a gun Or a limit on the type or quantity you can own.

Even with the surprising frequency of mass slaughter, there is no logical or political wisdom to change gun control.

It’s as if the principle of freedom with a gun invalidates the moral obligation to protect society and its most vulnerable people while in school.

For example, it is illegal to own more than 6 dildos in Texas, but you can carry your gun in public without having to be trained in how to use it.

These are the astonishing comparisons people are making after being shot in a horrific elementary school with 21 dead.

Last year, Texas relaxed gun control, allowing anyone to carry weapons in public without formal training or background checks.

Since gun rights are more sacred than life itself, politicians categorically insist that Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment must be upheld.

After what happened at Robb Elementary School on May 24, there is distrust that sex toys have more restrictive laws than deadly guns.

Recently 18 years old, Salvador Ramos shot and severely injured his grandmother before rushing to a Uvalde school with a population of less than 16,000 near the Texas-Mexico border.

He was heavily armed and had a pile of ammunition.

Gunmen killed 19 children aged 8 to 10 and two teachers with a semi-automatic rifle, injuring about 17 people.

He was eventually shot dead by a federal agent in a classroom that barricaded himself with the victims.

Police response

As grief begins to subside, questions about police actions and their dithering in the face of the slaughter are rising.

There is suspicion that life would have been saved if a quicker response had been taken.

Texas Supreme Safety officials said police made a “wrong decision” because the shooter killed the children inside and the police did not attack the school classroom.

A 40-minute time difference between the arrival of the police station and the police station was confirmed. Entered the classroom..

An inside student asked the police to come to the rescue while calling the ambulance crew.

The question of why he was in school before the shooter was killed by a tactical force led by the US Border Guard, rather than the local police, exacerbates the pain.

The shooter crashed a car near the school at around 11:30 local time and entered school shortly thereafter. However, the tactical forces broke the classroom door until 12:51.

One explanation for the delay is that the commander believed that the situation was no longer related to the “active shooter.”

However, four emergency calls were made from within the school. Apparently from the children trapped in the classroom where the shooters are firing. I was anxious for the police to come.

And some of the parents who saw the police standing and wanted to break into the school had to be detained.

Parents complained that the police weren’t ready, and America doesn’t want to face the ugly truth about guns either.

Gun production in the United States has tripled in the last 22 years, according to a new study by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Currently, over 400 million guns are in circulation in the US population of 330 million. This is an innocent, bloody recipe that was killed.

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