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US “hypocrisy” about the war on terror, FM-Middle East Monitor says

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabsogur has criticized U.S. Central Command CENTCOM for issuing a message of condolence released Sunday after the murder of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Deputy Commander Salwa Yusk. .. She, along with two female combatants, was killed in an attack near Qamishli, Syria, on July 22.

“What the US Central Command has done is unacceptable,” Kabsoguru said in an interview with Turkey. TV100.. “This is a good example of US hypocrisy in the war on terrorism.”

When asked about the US and Russia’s position on the possibility of Turkey’s military operations in northern Syria, he said neither country had fulfilled its promise to expel terrorists from the region. “This shows their lack of integrity in the fight against terrorism.”

The Turkish minister added that his country had previously met with Iran on the expulsion of terrorists from the region. “We provide all kinds of political support [Syrian] “The government’s activities in this regard,” Kabsoguru claimed. [Syrian] A system to exclude terrorist organizations from their territory, but that is not appropriate [regime] We consider moderate opposition to be terrorists. “

Regarding Mosul’s attack on the Turkish Consulate General, the minister emphasized the need for Iraq to protect diplomatic representatives in accordance with the Vienna Convention. “Terrorist organizations threaten Turkey’s diplomatic missions, and the Iraqi government cannot effectively fight these organizations.” Tuesday’s attack in Mosul was a sort of harassment and provocation that continues to this day. He concluded that it was part of.

Prime Minister Erdogan: Syria has become a hotbed for terrorists



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https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220728-turkiye-us-hypocritical-about-fighting-terrorism-says-fm/ US “hypocrisy” about the war on terror, FM-Middle East Monitor says

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