US: Louisiana student raped, dumped on street before killed by speeding car, four arrested

Louisiana, January 25: In the tragic incident, three men and a teenage girl allegedly raped a 19-year-old girl and left her on the street before she was tragically run over by a car and died. The suspect was arrested. The 19-year-old Louisiana State University student passed away on January 15 at her Rouge hospital in Button, Louisiana.

The accused have been identified as Kyvon Washington and Kaesen Carver, and both 18-year-old Everett Lee and an unidentified 17-year-old suspect were charged with third-degree rape. and Lee are also facing third-degree rape charges by the principal from the same incident. US Shocker: Man had public sex with a friend’s dog and damaged property at a Florida church.arrested

According to a report in mirrorthe accused raped her in a car and left her drunk on the street when she was beaten. US Shocker: ‘Office Space’ inspired software engineer steals $3,00,000 from e-commerce site Zulily.

Carver reportedly told police that he and three other suspects were at a club near the university called Reggie’s Bar, where they were all drinking and left with the victim they had just met. Carver told investigators he agreed to drive home Brooks because he was worried he was drunk. said he was doing

Carver further told investigators how Washington and a 17-year-old girl asked Brooks to have sex, to which she agreed.

They further claimed that Brooks asked to drive her home, but she gave them several different addresses before getting out of the car.

Carver then dropped Brooks off in a neighborhood near Burbank Drive, where he says he was attacked by a rideshare driver around 3 a.m. She was taken to hospital, but she died from her injuries.

Madison reportedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.319% at the time of death, which is nearly four times the legal limit.

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