US-Mexico Border Guard Data: San Antonio Case Shows Fatal Trends

Deaths have continued to rise after the discovery of a trailer full of dozens of migrants in San Antonio on Monday, with 53 dead and more than 12 hospitalized.

This is considered to be the most deadly smuggling incident along the US-Mexico border.

The horrifying discoveries made by local business employees who heard screams for help are the latest example of what has become an increasingly deadly journey across the southern border.

“Trageously, it’s certainly not unique,” he said. Matthew SurenceUS Director of Church of World Messianity Resettlement Church Mobilization and Advocacy.

Increased death toll

Since 2014, the United Nations Immigration Department Documented An increasing number of migrants are dying and missing along the US-Mexico border, setting new records each year except in 2020. examination:

  • The worst year for migrants traveling across the southern border was 2021, with 728 reported dead or missing.
  • As of May 2022, at least 244 people are missing or dead. This does not include the tragedy in Texas or other incidents in June.
  • Since 2014, 5,755 immigrants have died while traveling to Central America, North America and the Caribbean.

Data from the US Border Guard has not been updated After 2020 — And follow a significantly different trend from the United Nations — the number of search and rescue Report by CBP It is skyrocketing.

  • In 2021, the agency reported 12,833 rescue operations, more than double the previous year’s level.
  • So far, CBP has conducted 14,278 search and rescue operations in 2022.

Why are immigrants dying?

Dehydration and heat stroke can kill migrants, many of whom walk long in the ferocious Sonoran Desert.Rapid increase in injuries and deaths Reported this year From immigrants trying to widen the 30-foot border wall, the product of a presidential order by former President Donald Trump. Drowning occurs frequently along the Rio Grande River, killing at least 10 migrants in El Paso’s irrigation canals in June.

Fernando Garcia, an El Paso-based activist, said, “We have never died so many in a short period of time.” Told the research and advocacy group WOLA..

According to the report, the use of semi-trailers for smuggling migrants is also increasing, such as those abandoned on Monday. The Wall Street Journal.. Authorities say it will allow a pure amount of semi-traffic along the border (there were more than 7 million commercial truck intersections in 2021) to blend into smugglers.

In December, a trailer carrying more than 160 migrants crashed in southern Mexico, killing more than 50 and injuring more than 100. Nearly 700 migrants were detained a few months ago after Mexican authorities discovered they were housed in three separate trailers.

The worst scenario is what happened on Monday, and smugglers usually abandon the trailer for fear of being arrested. 2017 10 people died After being trapped in a trailer abandoned in a Wal-Mart parking lot. 2003, 18 immigrants Killed from a heat-related condition. Both incidents occurred near San Antonio in southern Texas.

Policy solution

Soerens said US immigration policy is partially responsible. Specifically, it is Title 42, which allows authorities to deny entry of asylum seekers for the benefit of public health. Laws have blocked the flow of legal immigrants, but experts say it often encourages illegal immigrants.

“It’s quite possible that at least some of the deceased have heard that they shouldn’t try to seek asylum and have been rejected or tried to be rejected without due process under Title 42,” Soerens said. Says. He said. “The only option if you want to enter the United States is to sneak in without being noticed, and that’s where you fall into these incredibly dangerous situations.”

Immigrants exiled under Title 42 have no legal impact. In other words, they are often deported to Mexico, regardless of their country of origin, and repeatedly attempt to enter the United States.

Soerens reiterated on Monday what many immigrant advocates had claimed over the months — abolishing Title 42.

“I think we can prevent, or at least minimize, such future incidents by ending Title 42 and investing in strong asylum at the border, and people will do due process. You can get a timely hearing, “he said.

Although parliamentary legislation is required, increasing the number of visas available, especially those sponsored by employers, will also provide a safer route to the United States for immigrants.

“The majority of people want to do so above all with dangerous travel,” Soerens said.

Agricultural labor modernization lawHaving already passed the US House of Representatives, more undocumented agricultural workers can apply for visas.

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