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US Navy Fifth Fleet Commander: Qatar is a key member of the shipping partnership-Doha News

The United States Fifth Fleet was founded in 1995. However, the US Navy has been in the Gulf since 1948.

As the annual Maritime and Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX 2022) in Doha has ended this week, Doha News I sat down with the commander of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain.

Deputy Admiral Brad Cooper discussed the unique security challenges facing the region and stated that Qatar’s role in one of the world’s largest maritime partnerships is important.

“this It is a marine partnership of 34 countries. Qatar is an important partner in this partnership, working daily at sea to ensure the safety and stability of Qatar. Specific coalitions of these 34 countries led efforts to ensure maritime security, free flow of commerce in the region, led anti-piracy efforts, and then another group with the security of the Arabian Gulf. Leads stability. “

The role of the Fifth Fleet

The US Fifth Fleet was initially based in the region to protect the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia and ensure a free flow of oil. Deputy Admiral Cooper said the region’s energy resources literally and figuratively fuel the world.

Source: US Navy

“”To ensure all flow and stability, we make sure that it is deployed throughout the region as stabilization Inspire, work with friends and partners to stabilize the region and ultimately ensure a free flow of commerce. That’s why we are here, and the way to achieve it is through a very strong and network of partner friends throughout the region. “

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The bay is a relatively small sea.when Doha News Deputy Admiral Cooper asked what the challenges of working very close to a large navy like Iran. The overwhelming majority of interactions with Iran were “experts.”

“On a daily basis, to ensure a free flow of commerce, we are dispersed and all commerce that takes place throughout the region, along with friends, our country’s compatriots, and other Navy women. We do transportation. More specifically, when we enter the Arabian Gulf, we act with Iranians almost every day. The overwhelming majority of those interactions are safe and professional. “

DIMDEX 2022: Qatar’s role has “significant strategic impact”

The US Navy states that its mission in the Middle East is to help maintain security and stability, which helps protect world trade.Vice Admiral Cooper emphasized: Ensuring the free flow of commerce throughout the region is a major concern of the Fifth Fleet.

“We are focusing on this. International maritime security is focused on it through strategic chokepoints and other organizations. The joint maritime corps of 34 countries is broader throughout the region. We are focused. That is why we wake up every day and focus on strengthening maritime security to ensure the free flow of commerce. This is what we are doing here. . “


Talk to Doha News At the International Defense Exhibition (DIMDEX 2022), Deputy Admiral Cooper said attendance was a “privilege” and a perfect platform for Navy commanders to build partnerships and strengthen international relations.

“EStrengthening the flow of commerce is two: the ability to strengthen current good partnerships and the ability to innovate in other ways so that some of the new technologies found here can be considered and adopted in a more meaningful way. It depends on. Manners. So I think this is a great forum to showcase some of those systems. After all, the system works in tandem with the most important element, the people with whom we have a relationship over time. “

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