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US, Qatar and Russia negotiate energy as they threaten to cut off gas supply to EU

The White House said it would visit Qatar’s President Emile Tamim and US President Joe Biden to discuss various issues amid concerns about Moscow’s gas supply to Europe during the invasion of Ukraine.

Since Joe Biden took office, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Althani’s visit is when Russia enters Ukraine and the United States discusses potential diversions of supply to energy-rich countries and the EU. It is done. (AFP)

Qatar’s Prime Minister will meet with the U.S. President at the White House on January 31 on a variety of issues, including global energy security, amid concerns about gas supplies from Russia to Europe, the White House said. Stated.

The first visit to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Altani since Biden took office last year will take place when Washington discusses potential diversions of supply with energy-producing countries and companies if Russia invades Ukraine. ..

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on Monday to discuss the issue with Qatar’s foreign minister, a leading producer of liquefied natural gas, according to sources familiar with the issue of requesting anonymity.

Tamim’s talks with Biden at the White House will provide leaders with an opportunity to discuss “securing the stability of the world’s energy supply,” White House spokesman Jen Psaki said on Tuesday. Said in a statement.

Other issues include “promoting security and prosperity in the Gulf and the wider Middle East” and “supporting the people of Afghanistan,” she said.

Alternative gas source

Washington says Russia, which has gathered more than 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, could invade neighboring countries and impose US and European sanctions on the Kremlin to stop the delivery of Russian gas to Europe. Are concerned.

The world’s gas supply is already tight, and Qatar energy shipments are trapped in long-term supply contracts that companies cannot easily break.

Tamim’s visit aims to build a relationship with Washington that has been strengthened since Doha hosted talks leading to a 2020 agreement to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.

The small Gulf Emirate played a central role in the evacuation operations during the final chaotic withdrawal of the United States in August, becoming the Taliban-dominated US diplomatic representative of Afghanistan.

Tamim and Biden are expected to discuss efforts by global powers to rescue Doha’s 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and efforts to end the Yemeni civil war. Two knowledgeable sources said.

Air Cargo New Deal

The chief’s visit will also take place in a swirling line between Qatar Airways and Airbus, a rival of Boeing, a US aircraft manufacturer.

Airbus canceled Qatar Airways’ order for a jet airliner after Qatar Airways sued the plane manufacturer for more than $ 600 million because of paint and surface imperfections.

Qatar Airways said it is considering an attractive proposal to exclude Airbus from negotiations to buy a new freighter and launch a proposed freighter version of the 777X from Boeing.

A contract to renew about 34 Qatar cargo ships with the new 777X model could come as early as next week when Tamim visits Washington.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker has publicly stated that he is considering buying as many as 50 freighters and expects more freighters to include options. It has been.

Both companies declined to comment.

Source: Reuters

https://www.trtworld.com/americas/us-qatar-to-hold-energy-talks-amid-fear-russia-may-plug-gas-supply-to-eu-54071?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss US, Qatar and Russia negotiate energy as they threaten to cut off gas supply to EU

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