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US, Russia oppose Ukraine after Geneva talks

Russia and the United States did not show signs at a meeting in Geneva yesterday that they narrowed their difference in security between Ukraine and broader Europe, as Moscow repeatedly demanded that Washington was unacceptable.
Russia has united its troops near the Ukrainian border, demanding that the US-led NATO alliance recognize the former Soviet state and exclude further expansion into what Moscow considers its backyard.
“Unfortunately, there is a big gap in our principle approach to this. In a sense, the United States and Russia have the opposite view of what needs to be done,” said Russia’s Sergei. Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov told reporters.
US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said:
Washington and Kiev say that eight years after Russia’s occupation of the Crimean Peninsula from its neighbors, 100,000 Russian troops who have moved to the immediate vicinity of Ukraine may be preparing for a new invasion. ..
Russia has denied such plans, stating that it is responding to what is called offensive action from NATO and Ukraine, which are leaning westward and eager to join the alliance.
Ryabkov repeated a series of drastic demands, including a ban on the further expansion of NATO and the termination of alliance activities in Central and Eastern European countries that have joined since 1997.
“We emphasize that it is absolutely necessary that Ukraine never, never, never become a member of NATO,” he said.
“We don’t trust the other side, so to speak. We need ironclad warships, waterproofing, bulletproof, and legally binding guarantees.” Must “, not guarantees, not safeguards. We guarantee with all the words “everything you have to put in” and “never be a member of NATO”. It’s a matter of Russia’s national security. “
Sherman said:
“We will not abandon bilateral cooperation with the United States and sovereign states that want to cooperate, nor will we make a decision on Ukraine without Ukraine, Europe without Europe, or NATO without NATO.”
Army buildup near Ukraine has raised tensions between the United States and Russia to the highest levels since the end of the Cold War.
Both sides said Russia did not intend to invade. Ryabkov said it could never happen, but Sherman said he was not sure if Russia was willing to lift the escalation.
Russia complained that the US side did not show an understanding of the urgency of the situation. There was no deadline, but he said Russia wasn’t ready to wait for weeks or months.
Ryabkov said Russia needs to see NATO’s move, and if it doesn’t provide it, it would be a mistake that would jeopardize NATO’s own security.
Russia will respond in a “military-technical” way if negotiations break down, he said. Possibility of mentioning the redeployment of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) missiles in Europe. Sherman said the borders of other nations could not be changed by force and called on Russia to ease tensions by returning troops to barracks.
When it left, she said it would be clear that she was never serious about diplomacy.
Mr Sherman said the United States is interested in discussing the possibility of trading on INF missiles in line with the now abolished INF Treaty between the United States and Russia.
She also said that the US side would also be actively involved in Russia’s proposal to limit the size and scope of military exercises.
The United States officially withdrew from the groundbreaking 1987 INF Agreement with Russia in August 2019 after determining that Moscow violated the treaty. This is the accusation denied by the Kremlin.
Despite the apparent lack of progress, the atmosphere between the two seemed hearty.

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