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US, Russia solidify line ahead of today’s negotiations

The United States and Russia yesterday announced a firm policy ahead of negotiations on Ukraine, Washington warned of the risk of conflict, and Moscow eliminated concessions.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken urges Russia to move away from the aggression and choose a diplomatic path as Kremlin, facing strong pressure to withdraw troops from the Ukrainian border and demanding a broad new security agreement with the West. ..
Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Russian news outlets prior to the meeting in Geneva that Moscow was “disappointed” with signals from Washington and Brussels, home of NATO and the European Union.
He told reporters on the eve of an important meeting here late yesterday that preliminary negotiations with top US diplomats were “complex but business-like,” a Russian news agency reported.
Russian and US diplomats will meet in a Swiss city today amid concerns over the buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine. Moscow wants to draw security from the West.
“The conversation was complicated and not easy. It was business-like in principle. Interfax was first contacted with US Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Wendy Sherman before today’s formal meeting, then Ryabkov. Said said.
He used the word “amazing” to describe their conversation, but it’s clear that the rhetoric of the last few weeks has consistently been hawkish veteran diplomats talking ironically. It wasn’t.
The talks with the United States will begin a week of diplomacy where Russian officials meet with NATO and representatives of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Washington is trying to ensure that its European allies are not on the sidelines.
“There are dialogue and diplomatic paths to resolve some of these differences and avoid conflicts,” Blinken told CNN Television.
“Another way is the conflict and major consequences of Russia’s renewal of its invasion of Ukraine. We are trying to test suggestions on which way President Putin (Vladimir) is ready to go. increase.”
Since the end of last year, Putin has gathered tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian border and demanded that NATO not expand further east.
The Kremlin argues that former Soviet Ukraine, which NATO is promoting, should never be given membership.
The United States states that many of Moscow’s proposals are non-starters.
Blinken warned that the positive outcomes of the talks depended in part on Russia’s willingness to stand up from its aggressive stance, which was likened to “the atmosphere of escalation with a gun in Ukraine’s head.”
“Therefore, if we really make progress, we will need to withdraw from the threat Russia currently poses to Ukraine and mitigate escalation,” said US President Joe Biden’s chief diplomat.

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