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US, Russia take firm policy ahead of important Ukrainian negotiations

Moscow is seeing “difficult” negotiations between Ukraine and Washington over NATO as the United States warns of the risk of conflict and Russia has ruled out concessions.

“Americans need to be prepared to reach a compromise,” says Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. (AP)

Top Russian diplomats attend this week’s “difficult” negotiations with the United States after attending a working dinner with US officials in Geneva as part of a kick-off of a series of meetings in three European cities this week. Predicted. Accumulation of military power near Ukraine.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and other Russian officials spent more than two hours on Sunday in the luxurious mansion of U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, the head of the U.S. delegation, and the U.S. Ambassador to the Disarmament Conference. I met with her team. Overlooking Lake Geneva.

Dinner was the prelude to a broad discussion between the two teams on a US mission in Geneva on Monday. In the last few days and weeks, a series of virtual and face-to-face meetings have culminated between US officials, Western allies, and Russian leaders. Tensions over Russia’s pressure on Ukraine are rising.

“We have entered the essence of future issues, but negotiations will be difficult,” Ryabkov told reporters when he left the supper. “It’s not easy. It’s like a business. I don’t think we’ll waste time tomorrow.”

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US reaffirms its position on Ukraine

At a dinner on Sunday, U.S. Department of State spokesman Ned Price said Sherman “emphasized the United States’ commitment to sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the international principles of freedom for sovereign states to choose their alliances.” .. Join NATO.

“The United States has declared that it will welcome real progress through diplomacy,” Sherman said in a statement.

Negotiations are seen as the first step in rekindling the dialogue, as Russia has deployed an estimated 100,000 troops along its border with Ukraine, which has worsened relations. There is growing concern about the growing invasion of Russian troops in the country.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s government has presented a list of requests, such as seeking assurance that NATO’s military alliance will not expand further eastward to countries that are former Soviet republics such as Ukraine and Georgia.

“The Russian side has come here in a clear position with many elements that are understandable in my opinion and very clearly formulated (including high levels), so deviate from our approach. It is impossible to do, “Ryabkov said.

Asked if Russia was ready for a compromise, he said: “Americans must be prepared to reach a compromise.”

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Russia repeats demands

Russia is in talks seeking a clearer understanding of the United States’ position, citing a signal from Washington that some of Russia’s proposals can be discussed, according to the National News Agency Tass.

He presented Russia’s three demands: further NATO expansion, missiles at the Russian border, and NATO no longer having military exercises, intelligence activities or infrastructure outside the 1997 border.

U.S. officials discuss reducing the potential for future deployment of offensive missiles in Ukraine and limiting US and NATO military exercises in Eastern Europe if Russia intends to withdraw to Ukraine Announced that it will be open on Saturday.

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Source: AFP

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