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US Secret Service to Enhance Security at Qatar World Cup-Doha News

This week, Rob Silvers, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Strategy, Police and Planning, will visit Qatar to strengthen security relations between the two countries.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will attend to help ensure the security and security of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament in Qatar. This is an interview with a senior executive of ABC News.

“We are committed to working closely with Qatar to ensure that the world enjoys a safe and secure World Cup,” said Rob Silvers, Deputy Secretary of Strategy, Police and Planning for DHS. .. ABC News in an interview.. “We will provide security support to our partners and will do so in a variety of ways.”

This week, Silvers will visit Qatar to strengthen security relations between the two countries.

In an interview, a DHS official highlighted in ABC News said there was no credible threat to the World Cup. However, he said, “This is a large and prominent gathering and always needs to be prepared from a security standpoint.”

One approach adopted by DHS is to send Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents to help game spectators screen their luggage.

“We are hosting a delegation from Qatar at an airport in the United States and here are some of the airport security practices because they clearly expect a lot of visitors and want to help them in that regard.” He explained.

Silvers also said that the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) will provide Qatar with cyber resources.

“The secret service will support protection details and security coordination for key events,” Silvers said.

The US Secret Service is leading the security of the Super Bowl in February, so the service has expertise in major sporting events in its home country.

Security support during the World Cup

NATO announced last Thursday that it will support Qatar’s security measures during the 2022 FIFA World Cup as part of its close cooperation with Doha.

“Support includes training on threats posed by chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear (CBRN) materials provided by NATO’s Joint CBRN Defense Center of Excellence in Slovakia and the Czech Republic,” said the North Atlantic. The alliance is statement..

As part of its security assistance, Romania also provides training on how to protect VIPs and stop threats from improvised explosive devices.

In addition, Qatar and Turkish officials met in Doha last month to discuss security-related issues in preparation for hosting the tournament later this year.

Turkey’s Interior Minister, Suleiman Soylu, announced in January that 3,250 guards would be temporarily dispatched to Qatar for an athletic event. 3,000 MTFs, 100 Turkish Special Forces, 50 bomb detection dogs and their handlers, 50 bomb experts, and other personnel will work for approximately 45 days throughout the tournament.

according to Al JazeeraSoil further stated that Ankara had directed 677 Qatari security officials in 38 different disciplines.

A team of cybersecurity experts will be sent from Morocco to Qatar prior to the World Cup, according to a news agency in Rabat.

In addition, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace confirmed in late May that the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy would be liable to the counterterrorism police throughout the Games.

In a formal announcement, Wallace said Britain and Qatar “will work together to provide air security in the air.”

This kind of security has never been provided by the United Kingdom for the World Cup held abroad.

According to the defense sources who spoke to Telegraph In late May, the Pentagon will support Qatar with military force to combat terrorism and other competitive dangers through maritime security, operational planning, and command and control support.

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