US Shocker: Texas Man Faces Criminal Charges After Putting Abortion Drug In Wife’s Drink

Mumbai, November 16: A Texas man is set to face criminal charges for allegedly mixing abortion pills into his wife’s drink. A man identified as Mason Herring is set to face lawsuits in December when a hearing is scheduled.Herring reportedly put abortion pills in his wife’s drink without her knowledge. rice field.

According to a report in wion news, Mason Herring, a 38-year-old Houston attorney, was also previously charged with two felonies. According to court records, Haring will also face other charges, including “inducing an abortion by assault.” That’s horrible! A Texas woman used a silicone tummy to disguise her pregnancy and stabbed a pregnant mother more than 100 times to steal her unborn child. She was sentenced to death.

Abortion laws in Texas are very strict, allowing abortions only when a person’s life is in danger. Texas abortion law states that abortion is a felony. Citizens can also sue people for helping others perform abortions. In her complaint, Haring’s wife told her that in March 2022 her husband provided her with water that looked murky, which could be due to dirty pipes. she claimed.

As soon as she drank the water, the woman started having convulsions and even bleeding profusely. She was taken to the emergency room. Herring’s wife claimed her symptoms were due to the abortion-inducing pill. She also testified that her husband had encouraged her to drink more when she returned from the hospital. A glass of water was found to contain an “unknown substance” and the fourth was a broken bottle of orange juice.

The couple have been married for 11 years, according to Houston Police Department officials. A month later, his wife informed him of the pregnancy, but it did not go well for him. That’s horrible! A man brutally stabbed his girlfriend to death for refusing to have sex with him in Alabama, and the victim’s decapitated body was found.

In one instance, Hering’s wife saw him mixing something in a drink and later found a pack of Cylux containing misoprostol. Ingredients

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