US woman grabbed bag of popcorn while shopping, snake jumped out



Pet stores aside, you can’t really expect to encounter many live reptiles while shopping. However, snakes can invade the most bizarre places, and a stray cornsnake might head for the popcorn aisle. There is a possibility.

A woman in Virginia, USA, had an unexpected encounter with a snake while shopping at Shopper’s Value in Lunenburg County on Friday.

Kimberly Slaughter picked up a pack of popcorn and put it in her cart. After a while the snake jumped out of the bag. The woman pushed the cart into the cash register in front of the store, she said, and the snake came out of the bag and she went back inside.

Slaughter also said she noticed rat droppings on one of the store shelves. He later told his friends about this snake and found out it was a rat snake, a reptile that mainly eats rodents.

“It was the full length of the cart,” said Slaughter, quoted by Fox News.

She added that she was worried about what would happen if she took the bag home.

“I have a baby and he just started walking. So imagine him getting a little bigger. Or my niece goes and says, ‘Hey, I want some popcorn,’ and that Imagine grabbing a bag and chewing it. Not safe. It’s not healthy,” Slaughter told the media.

Store management said it was investigating the incident. US woman grabbed bag of popcorn while shopping, snake jumped out

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