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USA: Killing of Jayland Walker was certainly a “daily” police practice | Police

The June 27 police killing of Jayland Walker in Akron, Ohio once again proved that many of us already know. In the United States, even the most mundane encounters with police are deadly if you are black.

A lawyer representing his family said Walker was shot “about 90 times.” The body camera footage released by the police confirmed the count. Initial autopsy showed that a black man had 60 gunshot wounds on his body at the time of his death.

Walker escaped from the “normal” traffic outage, officials said accordingly. He is still alive today and encountering the police will be truly “everyday” if he doesn’t run.

Of course, these claims don’t hold water – for some reason.

First, there is no guarantee that Walker will be alive if he does not run. Indeed, as a black man, I tell his son that he should “obey” if the police stop him. Even if there is no good reason to stop, as in the case of Walker.But I know that compliance It doesn’t always save black people From police atrocities.

Second, despite what the police tried to imply, the encounter between Walker and the police was already quite “everyday” for the United States. In fact, in this country, “daily” traffic outages and other “daily” interactions between blacks and security forces routinely end in murder. ..

But after George Floyd’s brutal police killings led to a global protest demanding the end of this deadly “routine,” why blacks were hit by bullets to escape the “routine” traffic outage. Are you brutally killed below?

Sadly, the answer is simple. Despite all the protests, this tragic routine shows no signs of change. By threatening, harassing, and killing people of color on a daily basis, American police uphold the original purpose of white supremacism.

Indeed, American police are a product of American slavery – it was created to address the need to stop the slave rebellion. Not long ago, so-called “slave patrols” criminalized, brutalized, and killed blacks across the country in the name of maintaining order. Today, American police officers keep this legacy alive while criminalizing, brutalizing, and killing blacks and other marginalized people.

Today, America is still cracking down on the idea of ​​a warrior. Law enforcement forces act like occupiers and slaves, not guardians of community happiness, when dealing with the color community.

That white supremacism has always been and is still at the very heart of the American police. It’s hardly a secret.

There is fast-Increasing evidence “A significant number of US police instructors are associated with the constellations of armed right-wing militias and white supremacist hatred groups.”

Therefore, black Americans More likely to die in the hands of the police than others. According to a study published by the medical journal Lancet in 2021, black Americans had the highest police brutality mortality between 1980 and 2019, 3.5 times more deadly than white Americans. Estimated to experience typical police violence.

And white supremacism is a core feature of American law enforcement, and police officers are rarely punished for injuring or killing blacks.

Timothy Lehmann, a former Cleveland police officer who killed a 14-year-old black boy Tamil rice For example, in 2014, he was recently rehired as an officer in the autonomous region of Tioga, Pennsylvania. Lehmann was previously fired by Cleveland police, but not because he killed Rice. He was dismissed solely because he did not reveal that he had been told to face dismissal due to resignation or incompetence from a previous position in the independent city of Ohio Police.

Police officers kill unarmed blacks with immunity because they escape from transportation stops, have toy guns, etc., but even after mass murder, without many incidents or injuries. We often arrest white people.

In fact, earlier this week, Illinois police officers did not shoot a white man, Robert Climo III, even after he killed seven and injured dozens during the Independence Day parade at Highland Park. ..Instead, they I asked the perpetrator politely“Please, kneel, kneel, and lay flat on your belly.” Similarly, they successfully arrested white supremacist teenager Peyton Gendron. Buffalo, NY To “prevent blacks from replacing whites”.

The white supremacism of the American police, of course, reflects the core of American society, white supremacism.

Due to the history of American racism, the perception that black men are “threatening and dangerous” is rooted in the unconsciousness of collective Americans. This is undoubtedly one reason police tend to violence against black civilians.In addition, research shows that black children (both girls and boys) are perceived as: old When Less innocent They are more vulnerable to police violence and punishment than their white companions.

The media also works to criminalize blacks and black faces and help create conditions that perpetuate police violence against blacks.

Black Americans, especially black men Overestimation that’s why Practitioner Of crime in the US news media. The same media, on the other hand, tends to use images and stories that make it impossible to make the white perpetrators of most violent crimes look innocent, or at least hold their actions accountable. This affects the existing stereotype that African-American descendants are more threatening and overall more dangerous than whites.

“The white press offends the white masses against blacks. Police can use it to portray the black community as a criminal element. Police use the media to 90 of the people in the black community. You can make a white man think that% or 99% are criminals. ” Malcolm X As I said in 1962, his words still sound eerily related today. “And when the white masses are convinced that most of the black community is a criminal element, this automatically takes the way for police to move to the Negro community, use Gestapo tactics, and stop black men on the sidewalk. Open … he’s black, a member of the black community, and the white public thinks it’s justified for a white police officer to go there and trample on his citizenship and his human rights. “He added.

The killing of Jayland Walker, as it has been throughout history, is further evidence that the main function and purpose of American police today is to support white supremacism. Unprecedented protests against racial police atrocities following the killing of George Floyd did not change this fact because they failed to bring about a complete overhaul of existing structures. Only by completely rethinking American security and building a law enforcement network whose mission is to protect all Americans equally, all color communities in the country, especially blacks, face on a daily basis. You can put an end to violence.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author himself and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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