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USCG Ends Investigation of Wood Auger Lifeboat

(Photo: Parfinger Marine / US Coast Guard)

Authorities have announced that the United States Coast Guard’s investigation into a fatal lifeboat training accident resulted in 10 safety and 8 administrative recommendations.

Two people died and another injured in July 2019 While testing the lifeboat At Shell’s Auger Tension Leg Platform (TLP) in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, about 210 miles southwest of New Orleans. The incident occurred during regular abandoned ship training and was accompanied by the inadvertent release of a lifeboat that had been recovered by Auger.

Formal investigation It turns out that the most important factor in the recent completion of the Coast Guard District Eight is the deterioration and failure of the rear release cable of the lifeboat.

A set of safety and management recommendations from the Coast Guard include proposed changes to lifeboat equipment requirements and regulations, including possible changes in type approval, testing, and drilling procedures.They can find here..

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493086-uscg-concludes-investigation-into-auger-lifeboat-accident USCG Ends Investigation of Wood Auger Lifeboat

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