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USDOE Opens Clean Energy Bureau

December 27, 2021

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has set up a new office that states that it will help President Joe Biden realize the climate agenda, create jobs, and reduce pollution while benefiting disadvantaged communities. increase.

President Biden’s $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law establishes the Clean Energy Demonstration Bureau to support clean energy technology demonstration projects in areas such as clean hydrogen, carbon capture, grid-scale energy storage, and small modular reactors. Offers over $ 20 billion.

“Thanks to Congressional investment under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the Clean Energy Demonstration Office will move clean energy technology from the lab to local and regional economies across the country, demonstrating the value of the technology it can provide to communities and businesses. And the market, “said Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm. “This new office will hire the best talent to invest in cutting-edge clean energy projects. DOE will bend down to anyone dedicated to dealing with the climate crisis. We are calling on you to join us. ”

“This new Clean Energy Demonstration Bureau will help Americans turn on their homes, get to work, and use clean, affordable and sustainable energy to power their businesses, President Biden said. Reflecting our commitment, this office will make the lives of Americans across the country easier and safer, “said Mitchland Liu, Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator at White House. ..

This investment in a clean energy demonstration office is part of $ 62 billion in bipartisan infrastructure legislation, strengthening DOE’s work on clean energy demonstrations and providing cutting-edge clean technology to communities and businesses across the country. To do. The office program also includes billions of dollars to invest in demonstration projects in rural areas and economically devastated communities. In addition to large projects, DOE will continue to support the many small pilots and demonstrations needed to achieve the government’s climate goals.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493125-us-doe-opens-office-of-clean-energy-demonstrations USDOE Opens Clean Energy Bureau

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