Utah rally against the overthrow of the new Utah abortion law, Roe v. Wade

Thousands of Utines travel to the streets of Salt Lake City on Friday night to rally in support of the right to abortion, the best in the United States to overturn the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade case announced earlier that day. I protested the court’s decision.

Utah Abortion Prohibition BillPassed in 2020 and entered into force late Friday afternoon.

People gathered at the Salt Lake City Courthouse for a rally held by the Utah Left Coalition before protesters climbed the hill to the State Capitol and joined forces with the protests organized by the planned parent-child relationship. Sometimes protests began.

Prior to the rally, Utah Planning and Custody Association Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Curry Galloway said the Supreme Court’s ruling gave politicians permission to control what people do with their bodies and aborted. He said it could have an impact beyond that.

“This dangerous and chilling decision has devastating consequences in Utah and across the country, forcing people to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles for care or continue to be pregnant. “Masu,” said Galloway. “We always fight for you and never retreat. Together, we rebuild and regain our freedom.”

The planned parent-child relationship is still active in Utah. During Friday’s protest, she said the lobby was packed on Friday and everything they could do best where resources were available, including helping the organization take people to other states. He said he was still planning to help others.

In the planned parent-child protest, mothers, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and people of color were among the speakers.

“It’s just a wonderful world, the world of the Utah Reproductive Roundtable,” Galloway said...

Utah’s SB174 trigger ban came into effect after 6pm on Friday. Selective abortion is prohibited except in situations involving rape, incest, or emergency medical care. Salt Lake City-County Building Protest Speakers have announced that it came into effect during their event. And that led to protests from disappointed people in the crowd.

It was approved by a Utah parliamentary legal adviser hours after legislative leaders announced that the Supreme Court’s opinion had been sent for review. Senate Chair Stuart Adams, R-Layton, said he expected it to take effect in a few days, but it was approved within a few hours.

Governor Spencercox and Deidre Henderson also issued a joint statement in support of the Supreme Court’s ruling, promising that the administration would support women and families and encouraging further steps to support mothers, pregnant women and children. Stated.

“This administration has been dedicated to giving voice to the most vulnerable people in our society, including the fetus. We sincerely support the Supreme Court’s ruling and the state in which the abortion law was elected. I look forward to being entrusted to the representative, “the statement said.

Utah is one of the 13 states with an abortion trigger law. Some states have abortion restrictions enacted before the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Salt Lake police said Friday that they were “ready to support a safe and peaceful procession” so that people could express their views on the decision.

Utah’s abortion rate has declined by 48% since 1990, according to Utah’s Vital Statistics, despite a significant increase in population. Sixty-five percent of women seeking abortion cite socio-economic reasons, and 41% of women say they are married.

The website shows that there were 2,776 abortions in Utah in 2019, compared to 46,832 births. Data do not report incest, but only 14 of these abortions were legal under Utah’s trigger law based on rape and medical problems.

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