Utah’s bid for the Olympics may move to 2034.Beijing game diplomatic boycott confused the IOC

May be the earliest in Utah Host another Olympics Not until 2034.

Now, in addition to the financial concerns that already surround retention 2030 Winter Olympics In Utah 2028 Summer Olympics in Los AngelesUS Olympic and Paralympic Committee top leader Thursday, bid Country diplomatic boycott Of the Beijing Olympics earlier this year

“This does not mean we will not run in 2030,” USOPC Chairman Susanne Lyons said in a media call from Colorado Springs on Thursday. “By the way, if we weren’t in 2030, I think we certainly got a very very positive sign that we are. Leading candidate for 2034.. “

However, Lions said the leaders of the International Olympic Committee also “quite frankly” explained the issues raised by the 2030 bid at the Salt Lake City-Utah Convention Committee. Face-to-face meeting Last week at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Fraser Bullock, president and chief executive officer of the Utah Bidding Commission, told Deseret News that inflation and the potential recession had “significantly changed” bids. More challenging To make enough money from domestic sponsorships and other sources of income pay For the consecutive Olympics.

Brock said in 2030 that there was also “competitiveness” in bidding in other cities — SapporoJapan, and Vancouver,Canada. Like Salt Lake City, both previously hosted the Winter Olympics. He said he was “ready” to hold in 2030 as needed, while “2034 is a clearer runway” and “financially more advantageous”.

Waiting for another four years will give the IOC time to overcome how Washington DC responded to China hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics. Brock said IOC President Thomas Bach spent only a few minutes discussing his disappointment, but continued to support the tournament returning to Utah “in the not too distant future.”

After giving a presentation at the private USOPC board on Wednesday, Brock said there was still no “decisive decision” on whether Utah would bid in 2030 or 2034.Very likely Utah’s hosting future games. And I hope it will be 30 or 34 years. “

Lions said it wasn’t accurate to say that Utah stopped campaigning in 2030, but Salt Lake City was a backup candidate and could generate two consecutive Olympic revenues in the United States. He also suggested that he was ready to deal with the shortage. State if other cities are ready to host.

She said her message to the IOC, “We want to be here when you need us. Therefore, they come to us and” you need you in 2030. ” If so, this is primarily a commercial issue. This is resolvable. Lions said it could still happen because Salt Lake City bids are small. Go further From other cities in the race.

At this point, “it makes no difference to the IOC if we say we need 2030 or 2034,” she said. Whether Salt Lake City is eligible for the Winter Olympics depends on who is coming. At the table.

The IOC Executive Committee will meet in early December Please select a city — Or city — negotiate a contract to host 2030 New, less formal bidding process This also allows you to make simultaneous choices in 2034. The selection will be approved by full IOC membership in May 2023.

Lions said that not only is the IOC “unprecedented in providing consecutive games to the same country,” but there is also “some discomfort” about boycotts. Pushed by Utah Senator Mitt Romney To protest China’s human rights records that prevented officials from the United States and several other countries from participating in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

“We all know that you can’t keep politics out of these things, but for political reasons, we’re trying very hard not to have a country. Boycott the game. “Masu,” said Lions, with athletes participating in the USOPC.

The IOC was also angry that the US-based company, the international sponsor of the Olympics, was being pulled before last year’s Congress to explain: Committee convening a hearingWhy were they associated with a winter game “held in the midst of a genocide”?

Lions said the IOC’s misfortune of “confusing and putting the most supporters of the movement in the world” was not USOPC, but “because they perceive it as a lack of support.” “It is aimed at the US government.” Or the Utah Bidding Commission.

She has a new bidding process at the IOC Utah Winter Olympics are pursuing“Still, I know, it’s a little frustrating and floating in the air. But this is what I can tell you. They absolutely make us a great bid. I know, I’m ready to host the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake soon in 2030. “

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