Uvalde Police Chief defends response to Rob Elementary School shootings

After growing criticism of slow police response Mass shootings in Uvalde, TexasLast month, a local police chief broke silence on Thursday and defended law enforcement action on the ground.

what’s happening: Pete Aledondo, police chief of the Ubaldi Consolidated Independent School District, made his first widespread public comment on Thursday and did not consider himself a commander at the scene of the slaughter. Said that. Parents..

  • Aledondo spoke Texas TribuneHe said he spent more than an hour in the school corridor, using dozens of keys to go through locked doors and enter the classroom where the shooters were.
  • “At this point it was only important to me to save as many teachers and children as possible,” he said.
  • According to Aledondo, he was not informed of multiple 911 calls from the classroom during the 77 minutes before the shooter was killed. Texas Tribune.. He said he didn’t bring the radio because he wanted to hold the gun freely with his hands when he encountered a gunman.

Police response in Yuvalde: Details of Rob Elementary School’s timeline are late to be revealed, and local law enforcement agencies are facing criticism of dealing with active shooters.

  • In another report on Thursday, New York Times Waiting for the “heavy-armed officer” to confront the shooter for more than an hour, even after the supervisor told him that some of the people trapped in the classroom were alive and needed medical attention. I checked the video footage and document shown.
  • According to The Times, according to the document, Aledondo and others knew that some people were still alive in the classroom.
  • Some officers were armed with long guns, but waited for more protective equipment to reduce the risk of confronting gunmen armed with AR platform rifles purchased a week before their 18th birthday. I was there. The rifle has been modified with a “Hellfire” trigger device to allow it to fire like an automatic weapon.
  • The families of some victims said their loved ones might have survived if police had previously broke the classroom door.
  • “He may have been saved,” said his grandfather Leonard Sandval. New York Times.. “The police weren’t in for more than an hour. He shed blood.”

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