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Vadra threatens legal action regarding “hacking” children’s accounts

New Delhi: Prior to an important parliamentary election in Uttar Pradesh, parliamentary secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra accused the government of hacking her children’s Instagram accounts on Tuesday.

Currently, Priyanka’s husband, Robert Vadra, is threatening to file a proceeding in this matter.

In an exclusive telephone chat with IANS, Robert Vadra said: We definitely rely on the law. We believe in the judicial system. Only legal remedies can stop this government behavior. Also, this should not happen to children. “

“They had created a hurdle before, but I tolerated it for seven years. They made unfounded claims to me, but the kids should be spared from all this. That’s what Robert Vadra said.

Earlier that day, when asked about eavesdropping on opposition leaders, Priyanka Gandhi told the Lucknow media: My child’s Instagram account has been hacked. Do you have any other work? “

“Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi go out on campaigns, and when the government feels we’re reaching out to people, they adopt some way to harass us. Now they’re kids. I’m crouching to the point of harassing them … pressure is somehow created through social media, “said Robert Vadra.

Asked when he realized that his account had been hacked, Vadra said, “I think it’s been 10 to 15 days since Priyanka started the campaign and a lot of people started to participate.”

“It took a lot of time because we first saw the problem and then brought it to the media. It’s a dictatorship, not democracy,” Vadra added.

This time, when Congress was asked if it could improve performance in UP, Vadra said: That. People leave home and vote for Congress, but elections must be free and fair. “

Do you think the government will adopt such tactics during elections? In response, he said, “People all over the country, not just me, have doubts. BJP has won by a small margin. I think this is everyone’s idea … I will continue. “

Regarding Priyanka Gandhi running for the election, Vadra said: When the time comes, Priyanka and the party will decide. “

https://www.siasat.com/vadra-threatens-legal-action-over-hacking-of-childrens-insta-accounts-2245702/ Vadra threatens legal action regarding “hacking” children’s accounts

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