Valletta Local Assembly “in the dark” during the opening hours of the new capital store

Christian Mikarev, a minority leader in the Valletta District Council, is calling for an urgent parliamentary meeting to discuss amendments to the rules regarding the opening hours of Valletta stores, “I have never talked to us as a council.”

Mikarev said in a Facebook post that the requested meeting, which requires Mayor Valletta’s approval, is intended to be open to residents and those interested in attending.

New legal notices include Merchants Street, Old Bakery Street, Old Theater Street, Republic Street, South Street, and St. Facilities on Lucia Street and Strait Street stipulate that music can be played until 1 am instead of the usual 11 pm.

The council recognized the change only through a recent government-issued legal notice.

Mikarev said he made this request with the consent and support of fellow PN councilors Mark Spiteri Lucas and Vince Fabri.

“It is unacceptable for the residents of Valletta to be exposed to the darkness of such issues,” he said.

In the post he said he expects all members of the local council to pull the same rope on the issue as they were ignored before the legal notice was issued and had never consulted on the issue. rice field.

“I am the voice of the inhabitants and I am determined to maintain a balance between the residential and commercial communities of the capital. The Kuomintang of Valletta says that the two communities are in harmony and that they are unbalanced on either side. We want to ensure that there is a law that ensures balance, not, “he said.

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