Vatreno Srce Foundation supports KBC Split and Korakuživot campaigns

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Prior to last night’s UEFA Nations League match between Croatia and France, Croatian Football Federation (HNS) President, Mariyan Kustić, Zlatko Dalić, Luka Modric and Professor. Dr. Josip Paladino handed over a 400,000 kuna commemorative check to the Clinical Hospital Center Split and the Korakuživot campaign on behalf of the Vatreno Srce Foundation.

The check was received by Dr. Julia Mestrovic, Director of KBC Split, and Mr. Pantsko Biljekki, President of The Rotary Club, Zagreb Captor.

The funding was raised by auctioning the Croatian national team’s shirts with the generous support of HNS.

The Korakuživot campaign will use donations for four five-year scholarships, and KBC Split will be used to build and upgrade a care center for children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Through the Vatreno Srce Foundation, the Croatian national football team has been helping poor children for 12 years. This year, the Foundation has raised funds for the Children’s Ward at KBC Split Hospital and the Korakuživot campaign, which provides scholarships to educate children without proper parental care.

The foundation was founded in 2010 by players and professional staff of the Croatian national football team to support children across Croatia.

The board of directors of the Vatreno Srce Foundation includes Captain Luka Modric, Director Zlatko Dalić, and Physician Prim. Dr. Zoran Bahtijarević, Professor. Dr. sc. Boris Nemeck and Professor. Dr. Sc. Yoship Paradino.

“Despite the pandemic that stopped us at the Donor Dinner organization for the past two years, we have succeeded in finding a way to continue to raise money for the treatment and education of the youngest citizens. For many years, the Foundation has systematically worked to help those in need. Through donations, we have supported the activities of many associations. In recent years, to Korakuživot. Over 12 five-year scholarships and purchase of equipment needed for Zagreb Pediatric Clinic and Rieka’s Pediatric Clinic Cantrida’s Pediatric Clinic. We would like to announce that we will raise funds for the Children’s Ward and the Korac U Zivot Scholarship. Thanks to coach Darrich, captain Modrich, and all HNS players and employees. Their generous support was needed to host and continue humanitarian activities, and we would like to continue to apply the same model to the upcoming cycle of the national team and the match of the official tournament, “said Yoship Paradino. Told. VatrenoSrce Foundation

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