Venturi celebrating Albert I in Norwegian trekking

As part of the 100th anniversary of the death of King Albert I of Monaco, Rev. Guild of President Venturi has imposed a special mission on one of his teams. Prince between 1898 and 1907.

Prince Albert I of Monaco, who devoted his life to oceanography and science in general, was called the “Prince Learned” or “Prince Navigator”. At the turn of the 20th century, he was the first person to map Spitsbergen from the sea. With its rugged terrain and ice peaks (Spitsbergen comes from the Dutch word for “pointed mountain”), this glacier land is part of the Norwegian archipelago of the Svalbard Islands, east of Greenland.

President Venturi’s guild minister was keen to pay homage to the illustrious ancestors of Prince Albert II of Monaco by giving Xavier Chevrin a dangerous mission to Spitsbergen. Unlike previous challenges he made for the Venturi in the past, this time Xavier will not test any of the vehicles in the group. Instead, he tests only his physical and mental abilities.

“Since 2010, Xavier Chevrin has been testing our electric engines on spectacular mechanical journeys to the four corners of the world,” said Gildo Pastor. “So he covers 220 kilometers on skis and is the right person to challenge the cold, wind and ice for three weeks. Everyone in the Venturi pays homage to Albert I through this extraordinary adventure. I am honored. “

The R & D department has contributed to this trek by designing a solar panel-based electric charging system.

For most of June, adventurers from Venturi, accompanied by three guides, cross-country ski 220 kilometers and reach an altitude of approximately 3,000 meters in total. His goal is to cross the “Land of Albert I”, especially from Mount Grimaldi, then across the Monaco Glacier to Mount Albert I and finally to Mount Alice.

Located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, about 900 km from the Arctic Ocean, the region is climatically classified as the “Arctic Desert”. The landscape of Xavier’s movement is mainly formed by glaciers, covered with ice caps where sea lions, seals and polar bears are part of the decoration. During the Arctic summer, temperatures vary between -15 ° C and 0 ° C. This journey is unique in that team members need to open new walkways through unexplored valleys.

It is important for Gildo Pastor to ensure that this world is first shared with as many audiences as possible. Therefore, a free mobile app will be available soon. In addition to the Venturi website, users can track Xavier’s progress on a map, listen to the latest chapters in the log daily, receive pictures taken by adventurers, and send messages of encouragement. can do.

Image source: Venturi Venturi celebrating Albert I in Norwegian trekking

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