Verstappen picked Leclerc at the first Miami GP

The action on the track on Sunday took some time to heat up as Max Verstappen fought against Charles Leclerc’s surge in the second half in the humid conditions of the Sunshine State to win a historic victory. ..

Despite Verstappen’s victory, Charles Leclerc still maintains a comfortable championship lead, ahead of his rivals with 19 points. Still, Red Bull’s pace must be a concern for Monaco drivers.

“I was naturally disappointed that I missed it in the first place,” Leclerc said. Until Sunday’s main event, it was a lucky weekend for the two rivals. Leclerc managed to win many laps during the practice session, but reliability concerns once again limited Red Bull to just a handful of laps. Not ideal if you are trying to get used to a whole new circuit.

So it was not surprising that Leclerc took Paul from his teammate Carlos Sainz and Verstappen came in third. However, the Dutch overtook Sainz on turn one so they didn’t waste time compensating for Saturday’s disappointing show.

To the surprise of many, it was Red Bull that seemed to be better at race pace, and Verstappen did the light job of passing Leclerc with a simple DRS move on lap 9 and taking the lead. To keep pace with Verstappen, Leclerc began to make rudimentary mistakes as he lost contact with the leader while wearing the tires in the process.

The race seemed to be heading towards a natural ending without much excitement on the track, but a collision between Lando Norris and Pierre Guthrie towards the end of the race brought out a safety car and packed the pack. I went back together.

The main benefactor was George Russell. He made his first and only pit stop during this window. Brit eventually finished fifth on a spectacular drive from 12th on the grid, ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton once again lamented the team’s “unfriendly” strategy.

With 11 laps remaining after the safety car entered, Leclerc immediately went on the offensive. Suddenly his hard tires turned on and he was able to get within Verstappen’s DRS range. But it was as good as it got. Verstappen managed to stay in position and even make a gap on the last lap because he had a perfect Sunday victory on the fastest lap.

Behind Front 2, it was Sainz who came in third from Carlos Perez. If I hadn’t rushed inside the Spaniards on turn one, I should have been on the podium.

In a wide range of races, the camera instead tracked around many celebrities attending the Miami circuit. David Beckham is one of Florida’s A-listers, and the former England national team enjoyed a pre-race kickabout with Leclerc (Please click the image above to see).

“I thought the atmosphere this weekend was great,” Leclerc said. “There are really great shows around the race and I’m looking forward to coming back again.”

When he returns next year, it is not yet known if he will return as a world champion. It certainly looks like Verstappen gives him a close ride.

Photo courtesy of: Scuderia Ferrari Media Center Verstappen picked Leclerc at the first Miami GP

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