Vice President Amin calls investing in nutrition a wise investment

Investing in nutrition is the most profitable form of investment. For every $ 1 you invest in a nutrition program, you get 30 times more profit.It’s a smart investment

Jakarta (ANTARA)-Vice President Maalphamine said investing in nutrition is the wisest and most profitable form of investment, as it can generate up to 30 times more profit.

“Investing in nutrition is the most profitable form of investment. A $ 1 investment in a nutrition program makes 30 times more profit. This is a wise investment,” Amin said on Tuesday at Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) 2021. I mentioned at the next general meeting.

Amin explained that the value of investment in the nutrition sector will continue to increase, especially for nutrition-related investments that have significant impacts and opportunities to improve people’s quality of life.

“Nutrition interventions are the most cost-effective interventions in development, which encouraged the formation of a nutritional promotion or SUN movement,” said the Vice President.

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Indonesia has a high commitment to promote regional nutritional improvements, both domestically and globally. The Government of Indonesia will continue to make various strengthening efforts, from regulatory frameworks to intervention frameworks, financing frameworks, and even monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

Over the last decade, Indonesia’s efforts to increase nutrition have shown significant results. This was reflected in the stunting of children and the reduced prevalence of exhaustion. This is the result of a child’s rapid weight loss, Amin added.

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“From 2013 to 2019, the prevalence of stunting decreased by almost 10%, but the decrease in debilitating prevalence approached 5%,” he confirmed.

Therefore, Amin praised all parties involved in the SUN movement by encouraging commitments from various parties to be actively involved in accelerating the improvement of local nutrition.

“We would like to thank and thank all those who have worked together to accelerate nutritional improvement,” said the Vice President.

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