Vice President Birth: Howard Stern Claims His Running Mate Will Be Bradley Cooper in 2024 Elections


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After the Supreme Court overturned the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion last week, the famous radio host being president on Monday is the only career goal he hasn’t achieved yet, he. Is fair again, claiming that he would use that position to create a country. ”

Radio Shock Jock Howard Stern said on Wednesday that Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper volunteered to serve as his running mate and vice president if he decided to run for president within two years. Told.

According to the 68-year-old host, the Academy Award-nominated actor sent him a text message earlier this week to congratulate him on possible participation in the race. Stern then told his buddy Robin Quivers that he had the chance to offer his vice-presidential status to the “star-born” starring actor.

“Done,” Cooper wrote in response to Stern’s request.

The radio star, however, added that he “did almost as much care as I put a hat in the ring, did almost nothing”, and the actor was the first about his potential race. Asked, but he was pleased that Cooper agreed, and therefore ends the search for a running fellow Stern.

“This guy will bring you an incredible female vote,” Stern said of his choice for VP.

Cooper, who has been nominated for the Academy Award nine times, has also booked to participate in the race to become “another white man” from Stern. But radio veterans dispelled Cooper’s concerns by saying that Cooper was “such an asset and people would understand.”

Former friend Howard Stern now wants to face Trump for his presidency

However, at this time, Cooper himself does not confirm the seriousness of his supportive intentions, not only in words, but in certificates claiming that he intends to run for public office.

This is not the first time Stern has considered running publicly. In 1994, he ran as a libertarian candidate for the Governor of New York. He reportedly had to disclose his personal finances and eventually dropped out of the race.

Last year, Stern declared that he would run for president only to thwart former President Donald Trump’s re-election plan. His a **. “ Vice President Birth: Howard Stern Claims His Running Mate Will Be Bradley Cooper in 2024 Elections

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