Vice president says Taiwan has abundant offshore wind resources

With 16 of the world’s top 20 offshore wind farms located in the Taiwan Strait, the development of offshore wind farms is essential for Taiwan’s energy transition, said Lai Ching Te at the New Energy International Forum hosted by Business Today magazine. the president said.

As the European Union (EU) puts into force the Carbon Boundary Adjustment Mechanism, the carbon footprint of products exported to the EU market will be subject to strict regulations. As such, Taiwan’s manufacturers are under increasing pressure to use green energy, resulting in increased demand for green energy from the manufacturing industry and an urgent need for green energy generation in Taiwan.

According to Jeffrey Tsai, vice president of wpd Taiwan, offshore wind power supply chain participants include offshore wind farm developers, offshore wind turbine manufacturers, underwater foundation manufacturers, transmission cable manufacturers, offshore wind turbine installation and maintenance operators. consists of logistics providers for Local businesses still need to learn and accumulate experience in manufacturing offshore wind turbines and transmission cables, as well as providing logistics for the installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines, he said.

In the feasibility evaluation stage, wpd will cooperate with CTCI Resource Engineering and the Graduate School of Applied Geology under National Central University to analyze the potential damage caused by the earthquake, and will provide SeaWatch, National Taiwan Ocean University, National Cheng Kung University, Sinotech We worked with Engineering Consultants to analyze the impact. Drifting sand, storm surges, rising waves, and the safety of ship navigation, Tsai pointed out.

To develop local talent, wpd’s subsidiary Deutsche Windtechnik sent senior engineers and researchers to Taiwan and gradually transferred expertise to local engineers over a year or two, Tsai said. He added that about 30 local engineers are working on the wpd development project. An offshore wind farm west of Yunlin County in central Taiwan.

Research institutes predict that by 2050, the cumulative installed capacity of offshore wind farms worldwide will increase to 1,000GW. In the Asian region, the target installed capacity in 2035 is 10-15GW in Taiwan, 30GW in China, 30GW in India and 12GW in India. South Korea and Japan have 3 to 4 GW, and Vietnam has 3 GW. Vice president says Taiwan has abundant offshore wind resources

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