Victim of the murder told his brother about a customer suspected of being involved in a drug trade

The murdered taxi driver Mario Fargia talks to his brother before his death, suspected of being involved in a drug deal, and has repeatedly booked services but paid only half the fare. He expressed concern about a nasty client.

Falgia’s body was found in the boots of his car on April 5 in the Valley of Kormi. His autopsy revealed that he had been stabbed in the chest more than 45 times.

This was revealed in court when Fargia’s brother Joseph ran for editing evidence against 38-year-old Elliott Paul Busttil, who was accused of murdering Fargia. It is understood that there are still many others suspected of being involved in the killings by police.

In May, when he was last sitting, courts were told that Farrugia’s DNA had been detected in blood stains that police noticed on the wall of Busuttil’s bedroom.

The victim was 62 years old at the time of his murder, confirming his brother. “Mario was reported missing by some neighbors,” he said. “I was working abroad at the time, so I found out on Facebook.”

“I called my wife and told her to see what was going on. She later called me, told me she had called the police, and posted on Facebook the missing person. I told them I received the report, because they didn’t have a record of their close relatives. “

He added that police were looking for his brother’s car at the time because he was not found in the victim’s place of residence.

Attorney Arthur Azzopardi, parte Civile asked what type of car it was. “Peugeot 407, metallic gray,” the witness replied. He couldn’t remember his registration number.

“He saw an ad for Malta Park, bought it, and contacted the seller.”

Azzopardi asked what he needed a car for. “He wanted it to be able to work as a taxi driver. He wanted to get in and increase his pension income,” he said, and Falgia worked as a taxi driver in November 2021. He added that he started.

Witnesses finally saw his brother alive when he went to Mario Fargia’s house to help him read some correspondence because the victim didn’t know how to read it. I remembered when I saw it. “I asked him what the taxi business was like. He said,” I’m not doing very well, and there are two people who always book me and pay only half the fare. ” .. It was suspected that these individuals were involved in the drug trade.

Before the witness went abroad, the victim spoke to him and asked for the details of his mechanic’s contact information. “That was the last conversation I had with my brother,” he said.

The case was postponed to June 28, and the court ordered two witnesses who were summoned but unable to attend today’s hearing to be accompanied by police to the next seat.

Lawyers Edward Gut and Ishmael Psila are defendants’ defense counsel.

Attorney George Camilleri has been charged on behalf of the Attorney General’s office. Attorney Arthur Azzopardi represents the victim’s family in the proceedings.

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