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Victory swing

Longevity is clearly on the agenda for British golfer Paul Casey. A flash in the pot, a high octane sprint with some memorable victories, followed by a similarly rapid descent and a walk to the sunset are typical of more than a few sportsmen. Casey isn’t in it.

He turned professional in 2000. Twenty-two years later, he is still fighting and challenging his half-aged player. Proving the points, he locked up to the 2021 edition of the Dubai Desert Classic a year ago and won his 15th European tour. The victory was especially memorable in the pandemic that hit professional athletes around the world. “I really had a hard time pausing on the PGA tour because of Covid-19. I wasn’t playing a lot at the time. I just had to refocus and put off 2020. Performance on the course has always been a hot topic, but I had some time off the track because I couldn’t operate it normally, “Casey recently told Gulf Business.

“We arrived [in Dubai] I used to play golf in the US the week before Tuesday night. After waking up on Wednesday morning, I immediately fascinated Pro-Am because of jet lag. I won the event after all, but I was physically tired. It shows that energy can sometimes come from different sources. At that point, we were severely trapped in Covid-19 and could not leave the hotel room. The course had about 500-800 spectators. It was great because we were literally not playing in front of anyone when we got to these spectators’ pockets on the golf course. For me, it was just one of the coolest events on the tour. “

Paul Casey Dubai

The active Slync.io Dubai Desert Classic Champion is back this month to defend his title at the Emirates Golf Club. Importantly, this year’s tournament, which runs from January 27th to 30th, has been upgraded to the Rolex series of European tours, with prizes more than doubled from the existing $ 3.25 million to $ 8 million. “There is a big difference between regular events and Rolex series events. It feels like we’re finally in the position that many have felt. For a very new event, it’s a lot among players. It gained fame and also demonstrates the importance of golf in the region. The fact that Rolex chose Abu Dhabi and Dubai shows the level of importance Rolex has for golf and UAE. “Casey says.

Previous winners of Desert Classic include Tiger Woods, Henrik Stenson and Arnie Els. This year, Casey faces fierce competition with world No. 2 Colin Morikawa, former world No. 1 Rory McKilroy, and major winner Sergio Garcia. With the addition of Desert Classic to Rolex series events, players may need to choose a string of tournaments to play in a packed calendar year. “In reality, we don’t play every Rolex series event. It’s a difficult balance to win a major and a Rolex series event, but it may be the first time we’ve played all five.” Casey, a Rolex testimony since the year, said.

Casey had an early professional career when Rolex, which he first purchased, won the Scottish PGA in 2001 and rewarded himself by purchasing the “Pepsi” dial GMT he still has. It is said that it was a stage. When he met a bystander for the 2021 edition of the DP World Tour Championship in November, he was very happy to be able to take a closer look at the Oyster Perpetual 41 from his wrist off the Ryder Cup. No. 130 is engraved on the back side. “The importance of this watch was given to all rider cup players on the European Tour. Rolex presents the watch to all players and captains in both the United States and Europe. Representing Europe in the Rider Cup. So far, there were only 164 players to play. I was the 130th player. [to do so], So this number was engraved by Rolex on the back of my watch.

“The reason we remember this is that it shows that only a few people actually represent Europe. Thousands of people climbed Everest, about 550. Came to space, but only 164 people played in the European Ryder Cup. “

In the Ryder Cup collection, Casey is said to have been given a steel and gold-blue face submariner by Bernhard Langer in 2004 and received a yellow gold and steel Daytona with a champagne gold face in 2006. It was also in the 2006 Irish version that Casey won the foursome match in a stunning hole-in-one for the first time in Ryder Cup history.

At the age of 44, Casey is still aiming for victory, but the raw temperament of a young player trying to prove himself is smoothed by the maturity that accompanies being a professional for over 20 years. “I was alive and dead as a result of my twenties and thirties. For example, I feel like I’m trying to balance my career. [participating in] The Olympics were the goal I achieved, “he says.

“Many athletes say they won’t look back until you’re done, but I can definitely look back and think it was a really good win.” And when Casey looks back, his current situation. Given his appearance and the competition he faces, the 2022 edition of the Slync.io Dubai Desert Classic could be a victory that Casey considers to be one of the best moments of his career.

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