Video: A large -scale riot occurred during soccer games in Indonesia, and at least 127 fans died



Earlier this week, the roof of the stadium collapsed during the open training session hosted by the Korokoro Football Club, and several soccer fans were injured. The video of the case showed several individuals supporting the team before the stand collapsed, and rolled the fans.

Local law executives have confirmed that at least 127 soccer fans have died after a large -scale riot in Indonesia late in Indonesia during soccer games. Another 180 people were injured.

Nico Afinta, the leader of the Police in East Java, told the reporter that a riot had occurred at the end of the match between Alema FC and Persevaya Slabaya at the Conguruhan Stadium in Malan, Indonesia.

A few minutes after Alema lost 3-2 in the game at home, a fuss occurred on the pitch, causing several suffocation cases due to the flood of crowds. It is said that the dead contain two police officers trying to calm the crowd.

The aftermath video indicates that dozens of individuals are overcoming the field barricades as tear gas fills the air.

The local police and the Indonesian police officer got off the scene and helped to escort the players from the field. Times of Indonesia attacked the supporters in addition to the security of guards. He reported that he tried not to reach the crowd.

In response to the riot, the league authorities interrupted the match for at least one week, and blocked the remaining period of the season for Alema fans to participate in the team’s match. The local media is the stamped fans of Alema Club. He reported that it was caused.

The investigation of the incident is underway. Video: A large -scale riot occurred during soccer games in Indonesia, and at least 127 fans died

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