Video: Check out the new Zadar promotional video


Zadar Tourist Board’s new promotional film “Meet. Feel. Exploration. Zadar” announced today.

The media-focused video was released today by the director of the Zadar Tourist Board. Mario ParekaWriter, director Igor Goitch And the two Zadar actors who played the main role – Nevena Dujmović Prižmić When Dejan Marcikić..

“This is a continuation of the Tourism Bureau’s many years of promotional video shooting activities. After the last film Igor made in 2014, we needed to present new content in a modern and interesting way. Fortunately there are people in the world doing mundane things like Igor. The film was initially screened intensively in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria, where the campaign has already been contracted and created, along with its short variations. It will be available to tourism entities and renters. They are coming, “said the director of the Zadar Tourism Board. Mario Pareka..

Watch the new Zadar promotional video

(Photo: Bojan Bogdanić)

A 10-minute movie with the motto of Meet. felt. Shows Jack played by Marsikitch, who explores and wakes up in the double bed next to Jill (Dujmović Prižmić) with a shining face for the dream he had. In his vision, Zadar is a city with a history of 3000 years and a vibrant city.

He and his partners take tours of famous places, restaurants, underwater sites, parachutes from planes and more. The film’s author is having an affair with some famous movie characters, so at some point Marsikitch tries to solve a puzzle written in Zadar’s attractions with another Indiana Jones James Bond looking for treasure. I’m Robert Langdon from the Da Vinci Code.

This video is also interesting to the locals to see how Goitch used the famous places in these various situations.

!! I wanted to make a small movie with its own dynamics, a story, rather than the classic vignettes mainly shot by other tourist agencies and destination companies. To do that well, I first had to write and agree to the script, and then I did most of the shoots last October and earlier this year. It is important to give our creative opportunities and we have had so many opportunities at the Tourism Board. That’s exactly why this movie remains the same, “Goitch said.

Watch the new Zadar promotional video

(Photo: Bojan Bogdanić)

He thanked all the collaborators who worked on the film, especially the musician Tomikkurov who wrote the original soundtrack.

This movie hides a variety of witty situations and surprises. The treasure chest actually has a traditional Zadal cake, and the restaurant welcomes the famous caterer Eric Pabin and guest Hrvoje Dukić.

“Igor created a great script. We were a great team, so we made a few changes along the way. Everyone did their best,” Marsikitch said.

Watch the new Zadar promotional video

(Photo: Bojan Bogdanić)

“We have a lot of shows, and the cities, islands, culture and history don’t stop in 10 minutes,” says Dujmović Prižmić.

“Sure, no matter which direction you go, you can always find adventures, inspirations, secrets, or ancient monuments in Zadar. And at every step in this city, you worry about your daily life. It’s even further away from. It’s exactly what you need for a dream vacation that you never dreamed of! ”Sadar Tourism Board said of the video.

Watch the new promotional video below. Video: Check out the new Zadar promotional video

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