Video: Hungarian football fans sang about ‘Jewish crimes’ at stadium

Some radical football fans sang about the so-called “Jewish crimes” at the Szeged stadium. The club from the Southern Hungarian city played at MTK Budapest. MTK is traditionally considered the ‘Jewish team’ in Hungarian football. Read what happened below.

Hungarian Jewish football club?

1888 is the founding date of MTK, Wikipedia I am writing. The reason was that at that time, some young athletes of Jewish descent were not allowed to join the aristocratic or Christian Magyars in his Athletic Club. Therefore, they say “M.Agyal T.estjakolrouk K.Ole” (MTK).

Interestingly, the Hungarian language was used in the club name, which was unusual at the time. I wanted to emphasize my distance from the Jewish community in Budapest. A further example of that pursuit was when the club changed to Hungarian FC in his 1926. According to Wikipedia, MTK is open to everyone and is widely regarded as a democratic and international club.

A scandal broke out on Monday night after MTK’s match against Szeged Chanad Grosikus Academia. Some radical and anti-Semitic football fans started chanting about so-called “Jewish crimes” after the final whistle. Reported by telex.huMTK has reported this sad incident to the police.

A 12 year old girl records it all

Rabbi Zoltán Radnóti first wrote about what happened on his Facebook page. He said his 12-year-old daughter recorded her chanting on her mobile phone as she left the stadium. She didn’t dare to video her fans, but she recorded their voices.

The MTK football team considers all anti-Semitic or racist behavior, fear-mongering and hate speech against minorities unacceptable, they said in a statement. “We protest the anti-Semitic behavior of the fans of Szeged who chanted unacceptable rhymes even during the match,” they added. We call on all benevolent compatriots in solidarity in the name of the MTK family,” they concluded.

The club has asked Szeged to challenge fans to prevent such scandals in the future.

Here’s a video recorded by a 12-year-old MTK fan about what happened:

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sauce: Wikipedia, Video: Hungarian football fans sang about ‘Jewish crimes’ at stadium

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