Video: Juan Guaidó was kicked out of a Venezuelan restaurant as the chair flew again

In early 2019, the opposition politician Juan Guaidó was used by the US government to act as the face of a coup attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro shortly after the re-election victory. However, despite repeated efforts to imprint the scaffolding, Guaidó is largely sunk in political meaninglessness.

In the face of US-backed efforts to expel the Maduro administration, opposition figure Juan Guaidó was handed new anger on Saturday by a group of demonstrators who ambushed him at a local restaurant.

Local media reported that the incident took place at the Moringa restaurant in San Carlos, the capital of the state of Cojedes in Venezuela. A video of a miserable encounter shows an individual throwing everything to Guaidó and his guards, but it’s a kitchen sink.

At some point in the recording, Guaidó can be seen with his shirt stripped off. His security details work to escort him to nearby vehicles and keep him away from the scene.

An additional video succeeded in capturing a collection of dented and cracked windows in Guaidó’s escape vehicle.

Guaidó aired his arrival hours before the chair was thrown at him, twitter He was in the city to “solidify” and “defeat the regime.”

In the hours following news that Guyde had swiftly withdrawn from the restaurant, Brian Nichols, a diplomat who is the Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, expressed Washington’s “deep concern.”

“This terrible attack endangered our lives. The person responsible for the assault should be brought to justice,” Nichols said. Added..
Emotions Echo as well Carlos Vecchio, Guaidó’s “US Ambassador”.

However, it should be noted that this was not the first time Guaidó or his executives were on the receiving side of the flying chair during his less-welcome comeback tour. A chair shower was also thrown at the Guaidó Parliament in Zulia last weekend. Video: Juan Guaidó was kicked out of a Venezuelan restaurant as the chair flew again

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